Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happening in February

1/2/12 - Wednesday

Meet up with clique on the first day of February for a dinner at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh located at 11 New Bridge Road\. That's my second visit to the eatery.

I loved eating you tiao with Bak Kut Teh. I will dipped the fried dough into the soup.
No doubt that their soup and pork ribs are delicious, but I think they need to improve on their service and attitude.

After which, we have a chill out session at St James Beer Garden together with a glass of tiger beer:

Time for a tiger.
Warm ourselves up before heading in th Dragonfly.

9/2/12 - Thursday

Old school days night with GF.

We were at Lasalle College of the Arts, sitting at the long bench which resembles those benches back in my primary school time.
Hasn't go to back to school for a long long time. Missed those times. Er, don't be mistaken by that sentence. I do not miss those studying time but I missed the time that I spent with my friends in school where we had lunch together and having heart to heart talk.

15/2/12 - Wednesday

Had my first visit to Breakthrough Cafe, recommended by my colleague.
The cafe offers wide varieties of dim sum and local delights in a cozy setting environment which attracted many working it its vicinity at Upper Cross St.

One speciality of the cafe is that Breakthrough Cafe is run by ex-drug addicts who needed employment opportunities where they can further their skills and be better prepared in reintegrating into the society.

I think that this is a good concept. Don't be surprised, I seriously think that their service and attitude are way better than some other restaurants outside.
We tried their famous homemade Claypot Curry Chicken and dipped it with bread.

Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew.
The look of it already make me drool, the taste of it is even shiok.

The Fried Dumplings are amazing. When they were being served, I was wondering the fried dumplings looked like frozen dumpling. It seems so hard unlike those I usually had which looked deep fried and oily on the surface.

A bite of it, I could feel the crispiness of the skin. So cool.

18/2/12 - Saturday

Had my high tea session together with GF at The White Rabbit, a classic European Restaurant & Bar located off the Dempsey area of Singapore.
A very quiet place to relax.

GF and I are meeting up frequently more than usual now.
I'm sorry if I neglected all my other good friends. Quick come arrange a meetup with me soon okay.

21/2/12 - Tuesday
Settled down for lunch at Jack's Place.

Soup of the day.
The soup is nice and thick, I liked it.

Having Deep Fried Dory Fillet - crispy and yet soft.

Dessert and tea at long last.

Never neglect your tummy, eat all you want and live all troubles till tomorrow.

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