Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jeno Liu Li Yang Music Showcase

I'm so looking forward to today's activities because it's gonna be a starstruck day.

Headed to Cineleisure at Kbox to attend Liu Li Yang music showcase in the afternoon. Jeno Liu is finally here in Singapore again for a series of album promotion programmes.

Waiting for Jeno latest album music showcase.

Invited Kai Pin along with me.
Ah, I know I look very shagged over here. Didn't have any makeup on with me as I need to rush back home for wash up before heading to next event.

And the host for the event is none other than 阿栋 from Radio 1003. He is trying to bring the atmosphere up, showing our warmest welcome to Liu Yi Yang.

Liu Li Yang is out.
This is actually my first time seeing her in person. She looked really 帅气 in her appearance.

Jeno has released her latest album - Young! 《旅途-心歌自选辑》
2 years preparation for her new album which includes 2 songs composed by her - 《谈感情》,《旅途》
A lot of hardwork is being put into it.

Her album title “漾”actually the pronunciation of her name (Yang) and also the idea of "forever young".

Bringing us her main song - 天后

and her self-composed song - 旅途

I like this song the minute I heard it once, I felt addicted to the song now. Before Jeno's arrival, Kbox was playing her songs over and over again, and so the melody was going in my head over and over again. ❤

谢谢一路上    经历的伤 害 
让 我整个人    强大了起来

Couldn't have enough of Liu Li Yang from the short one hour music showcase. But it's all right, because....... I will be seeing her again tonight at Guinness Live Finale Concert. Okay, I need to get myself prepare and doll up. 

See you there.

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