Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Finally, I arranged another meetup with my poly peers. It's been a few months since I last see the girls. As Grace's birthday is round the corner, I decided to call for a dinner gathering with the girls.

We have our dinner at one of my favourite dining places: Xin Wang HongKong Cafe.

Try on their Fish and Chips this time round. The fish and chips here tastes good and comes in generous portion. It comes with an egg ;)

Christine ordered her Chicken Chop. Both of us preferred the ang moh dish whereas the other two preferred chinese taste.

Christine and Steffi.

The girls still stay the same, as crazy as ever.

Steffi and Grace.

With Christine.

It was a great bonding session with the girls.
It reminded me of the good old memories back in school days, how we spend our time together in school, how we struggle with our projects, how we survive through the lecture and tutorials.
I managed to dig out 2 old photos we took 2 years ago that was not featured on my blog:

Me and Steffi  with the Youth Olympic Games mascots - Lyo and Merly ♥
They represented the ion of Singapore – Lion and Mermaid.

That's my first visit to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. We were amazed by the river concept as we had never imagined such scene to appear in a shopping mall.

Hope to see you girls soon, I will try to arrange more regular meetup.

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