Monday, April 16, 2012

Japanese Horror Movie - P.O.V - A Cursed Film

Thanks GF for bringing me to a horror movie session. It's been a long time since my last horror movie in theatre. Let me recall my last movie.... hmmmm..

Yes, it's  TWISTED (撞鬼) by local production.

For people who know me well will know that I don't fancy watching horror movie as I'm quite hum ji. I accepted GF's request as we are watching in a group and there will be more people to accompany me.

Synopsis of the story

P.O.V. talks about a ghastly encounter two teen idols experienced while filming a programme streamed on smart phones, which features different viewer submitted videos.

During the filming that day, the videos were all of paranormal phenomena, carefully selected alleged accurate accounts of haunted occurrences. In the middle of one video, the image gets interrupted, immediately turning back on to show a footage that was not in the script. The video captures an urban legend about Haruna's school, was unexpectedly shown instead.

A psychic, who was at the recording, commented that an exorcism must be performed in order to rid the school of this phenomena. The director, agents and the two girls visit the school to find out if there is more to the video than meets the eye......


Release Date: April 26, 2012
Rating: PG13
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Duration: 1hr 30mins
Actors: Haruna Kawaguchi Mirai Shida
Director: Norio Tsuruta  
My Rating: 2.5/5

I wouldn't say that the movie is very scary, but I would say that it is creepy. Whenever they rewinded the video, the scene was different from the previous one we saw. And the toilet scene in the later part freaks me when the video recorder is still filming the part on toilet and they are not even inside.

I find that the ending was a little abrupt, I was still sitting down waiting for more until everyone has all stand up and preparing to left the theatre.

We ended our fright Monday night with late dinner at Mos Burger with more paranormal phenomena sharing. To be continued.


  1. is this true story or what?..

  2. Hi Anonymous, this is not a true story. It is just a movie.



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