Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lunch at Swensen + First Giveaway

Time to reward ourselves with a sumptuous meal after the tiring work.
We went over Swensen @ Plaza Singapura for our lunch.

We were all so hungry by then, seems like the morning meeting had drained all our energy. We need to eat double to replenish back our energy.

We ordered a couple of side dishes to share:

Smoked Duck Salad which is made up of lettuce, sliced smoked duck, cherry tomatoes and etc.

My favourite Mozzarella Cheese Sticks.

So "healthy" of me. Basically, I love everything that is fried.

Deep Fried Mushroom.

Awww, it looked so delicious. But a pity, I didn't manage to grab a piece. The plate was already empty when I want to take. Hmm, must be fast and alert next time.

Calamari Rings.

My main course was here, my all time favourite - Fish and Chips.

I loved the crispiness and juiciness of the fish, and dipping it with the sauce. Taste so heavenly good.

Hurray, good news for all of you. I'm doing my first ever giveaway. There are a total of 11 items to be given away.

So how do you win it?

It's very simple. Just leave a comment below with
1) your name
2) email address
3)  item that you want
4) and tell me one thing you like about my blog.

Condition applies: readers must reside in Singapore.

How will the winner be pick?

The fastest hand will get it, so hurray and have your pick.
Hope to hear from you guys soon (:


  1. 1) Jacelyn Tan
    3) item 1
    4) you have reviews for almost different categories, from movies to cosmetic!

  2. 1) Lay Eng
    3) item 9
    4) i can get updates about events from your blog

  3. 1) Felicia Ong
    3) Item 3
    4) Likes all the categories food and events that you have updates:D

  4. 1) Johnny Tang
    3) item 11
    4) good food updates

  5. Hi Lay Eng,

    Couldn't send the email to you, keep getting an error message. Appreciate if you can send me your mailing address to my email at


  6. I want item 8..



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