Sunday, April 22, 2012

Men's Fashion Week Singapore 2012 Closing Gala Event Part 1

Arriving at Marina Bay Sands for the closing ceremony of the 5 days long Men's Fashion Week 2012. My heart is filled with excitement and looking forward to the whole event. This is my first time here at the Convention Hall, the place has been so nicely done up with the Men's Fashion Week banner and also the musical performance group playing the sentimental music.

It is indeed an eye-opener event for me.

While waiting for the fashion show, we have some light canapes to fill our stomach.

And also Champagne to keep us going.

Time for some camwhoring shots:

With Andrew. He's is super nice, he helps me with some of shots.

With Terence. Finally he opened his eyes big with just one take. I never realised I looked so short standing next to him. Did he grow taller?

Mingling around (:

Time to go in and settle down for the fashion showcase.

Men's Fashion Week Singapore 2012 gathers a group of outstanding designers from Europe, USA, Korea, Japan and Singapore. They will showcase a diverse range of menswear from classic suits to casual wear.

Lets hear the closing speech from the senior vice president of Marina Bay Sands, Mr. Mark Juliano.

And welcome the Chariman of Men's Fashion Week 2012, Frank Cintamani.

This year's MFW 2012 has infuse the creative talents of performers and artists from across the region. Their presence reinforces the tremendous creativity and talents that resides within Asia and in turn serves to reinforce MFW 2012 as a leading platform on the global stage.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready?

It's Bie KPN bringing us the opening performance.

The Thai Sensation has struck Singapore MFW. He is the winner of the prestigious KPN Award vocal competition 2011 where he outshone nearly 3,000 other hopefuls in one of Thailand's longest-running and most famous vocal talent shows.

When music and fashion come hand in hand together in this fashion season.

The final day showcase was staged by MCM (Mode Creation Munich) which originated from Germany.

The label was launched back in the 1976.
Born in the spirit of travel, the collection plays a new concept at the turn of the 20th century with a personalised brass plate reflecting the roman numerals '1900'. Througj its collection, we get to see the diverse range of both loud and understated stlye across its range of backpacks, briefcases, weekenders and travel accessories.

The collection brings out the versatile fashion that cater to the different needs of every individuals ranging from casual, modern to smart professional look.

Men's lifestyle collection.

The new "Men Generation" = Black leather jacket, stylish MCM bag and trendy boots.

*Photos credits to Fide Fashion Week Facebook.

Leopard prints seems to be the latest trends now.

MCM offers sophisticated handbags, practical and stylish luggage, functional business bags, soft and trendy small leather goods, all crafted from materials such as leather, fabric and exotic skins.

Next is the performance by B Boys. They wow-ed the crowds with their stunning breakdancing skills.

you spin my head right round right round
when you go down when you go down down

The boys are really good at breakdancing. I am amazed by their somersault skills and incredible stuns.

The female models are dressed in chic black and carried gold ensemble togging bags when they marched down the runway one last time at MFW Singapore 2012

We have come to the finale round of the final fashion show.

The shirtless male models are looking hotter than ever, carrying MCM bag packs, dressed in leather pants and boots.

The show reached its climax as the golden showers of confetti filled the air.

The models together with B Boys bid goodbye with the audience.

It was indeed a spectacular audio visual showcase by MCM and great performance by Bie KPN and B Boys. I enjoyed every bits of it.

Men's Fashion Week, see you again in 2012.

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