Monday, May 14, 2012

Tangtalised Dinner at TANG Hong Kong Gourmet

It's time for dinner!!!!

I'm looking forward to a sumptuous dinner. Met up with the usual at Tanjong Pagar and made our way down to Tang Hong Kong Gourmet for our food tasting session.

TANG Hong Kong Gourmet is located at 116 Neil Road, 10 minutes walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. The place is located at the historical region within the Central Business District.

TANG Hong Kong Gourmet is specialized in Chinese Hong Kong Cuisine, Singaporean Cuisine and Western Cuisine.

With its affordable and reasonable pricing as well as the valuable set meal, TANG Hong Kong Gourmet has attracted lots of working adults during the lunch hour and dinner time.

TANG Hong Kong Gourmet can be easily spot by its vivid orange signboard.

The boss is so thoughtful, he has prepared this welcome note for everyone of us.

The bright orange wallpaper and the cute drawings on the wall brightened up the eating house.

Eating at TANG Hong Kong Gourmet gave me a relaxing feeling that made me totally forget that today is just Monday.

Chef Benson had prepared some of the signature dishes for us. So next time when you are here, do try out these signature dishes. Without further ado, lets begin the feast galore:

Tang Authentic HK Roast Duck
$25.00 for half duck.

The roast duck meat is succulent, the skin is so crispy and yummy. This is definitely one of the best Roast Duck I have tried.
The serving portion is also generous, you can consider ordering half duck if you are here with a couple of friends. It will be value for money.

Coconut Milk Prawns

This has gonna be my favourite dish of the night. The coconut milk added to the prawns soaked up the tastiness of the prawns which creates the uniqueness in this dish.

One word, nine characters: D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S

Pink Guava Drink

A refreshing drink to cure our thirst.

Pig Trotter Vinegar

My first impression of the dish: there is a dish that is commly served during confinement periods after a woman give birth.
However, this is not the case. Pig Trotter Vinegar is also being served in restaurants and eateries. Even the rice tastes appetising when added with the soup of vinegar.

Tang Sweet N Spicy Fish Head with Chilli and Garlic Sauce

Spice lovers got to love this!
The chilli and garlic sauce spiced up our appetite, leaving us craving for more now.

The fish is fresh and tender. It tastes so delicious together with the chilli and garlic sauce. I couldn't resist it, so I helped myself with more fish meat. ♥

Spicy Deep Fry Silver Fish
This fries alike dish is really awesome, it tastes like McDonald shaker fries with the spicy flavouring. In every bite, I can taste the crispiness of the white bait in it.

We enjoyed eating the spicy deep fry silver fish while having our group chat. It is such a relaxing moment.

Crispy Chicken Cutlet

Knowing that there is a big group of us sitting together, Chef Benson has prepared for us a bigger portion of the chicken cutlet specially for us. Thank you, Benson.

Not to worry if you think this dish is too plain, because it is usually being served with fries.

Tender meat wrapped with crispy skin taste just right.

Met the celebrity chef as well as the owner of TANG Hong Kong Gourmet - Benson Tong

Chef Benson's passion in cooking has won him lots of awards in various culinary competitions:

2010 – Singapore Culinary Institute Culinary Challange – Gold Medal
2010 – Lee Kum Kee Aspiring Chef 2010
2010 – STCM Successful Entrepreneur
2009 – AVA Culinary Challange – Champion
2008 – Singapore 100 Special Commendation

Chef Benson will also be on FM1003 every Tuesday 10:30 am to 11:30am to share with the listeners on few delicacies, so do remember to listen and get some tips on ways to cook our local (Singapore) food.

Double Boil Papaya with White Fungi

Dinner is not complete without dessert. I had a nourishing dessert which is good for improving our skin texture, cooling effect, nourishing our lungs and ease in digestion.

We got a surpirse treat by Chef Benson - Mother's Day love cupcake. ♥

After dinner, time for some photo-taking session and catching up with friends:

With GF.

With Qian Hui. Finally we had a picture together.

And a new friend made - Wee Heng.

A group photo with the food lovers.

TANG Hong Kong Gourmet is located at 116 Neil Road, Singapore 088853

Operating hour: 11.30am to 10pm

Want to find out more about them?

Visit their Facebook Page - Tang HK Gourmet

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