Saturday, May 26, 2012

Din Tao: Leader Of The Parade Movie Review

Right after our shopping, KP and I headed for a movie. As KP is fine with any movie, so the decision lies on me. I decided to watch Din Tao: Leader Of The Parade since I had watched before most of the movies and also because Xiao Gui is acting in the movie!!!!


Ah-Tai (Alan Kuo) was born and raised in one of Taichungs most notable Din-Tao troupes. His father (Chen Bo Zheng) had deemed him a good-for-nothing since his childhood days. Ah-Tais rebellious streak had strained their father-son relationship as such. With a stroke of chance, Ah-Tai is unintentionally appointed the leader of the troupe. This resulted in suspicions and distrust arising from both troupe members and the rival troupe led by Ah-Xian (Alien Huang). Ah-Tai decides to prove his worth by embarking on a performance journey across Taiwan with his young troupe members. This coming-of-age tale hopes to ignite the waning interests of Din Tao traditions through one mans vision and the value of family bonds.


Cast: Alan Kuo, Alien Huang, Crystal Lin
Director: Fung Kai
Genre: Action
Rating: PG13
Language: Mandarin 
Release Date:31 May 2012
Running Time:123 minutes
My rating: 4.5/5
Taiwanese movies are getting awesome. Din Tao is another movie that I will give the same rating as You are the Apple of my eyes.

Din Tao invloved 4 emotional mix: 喜怒哀乐

Din Tao which is also known as 陣頭 in chinese, is actually a cultural arts performing troupe. They are commonly invited to 廟會 or other festive events where they ward off the evil influences.

Din Tao is a hilarious film, the use of Hokkien has create plently of laugher.
Yet at the same time, the story really touched our heart, I cannot helped but was moved to tears at some of the heartwarming scenes.

I must say the story is inspiring. It showed how Ah Tai managed to overcome all difficulty he encountered when he took over his father's troupe. I admired his attitude where he stand firm with his decision even when the others are doubtful of his ability. I witnessed his passion towards Din Tao which is a key to achieving the goal.

Believe you can and you are half way towards your goal.

I ended the movie with a tearful face, the heartwarming scenes has touched my heart. The movie has left me a deep impression of their culture- there are many valuable lessons we can learn from.

I seriously enjoyed the movie, I'm sure you will like it too - guaranteed laughter and heartwarming scenes. Remember to catch the Din Tao from 31 May 2012 onwards.


  1. OH? Hmm. I seems like couldn't find it in 'coming up' list in Malaysia cinema. :( Too bad I think I couldn't watch it. Or it actually does screen in Malaysia, just I couldn't find it perhaps.

  2. @ Luporti: Haha, maybe it's still not released in Malaysia yet. But I'm sure it will reach Malaysia soon ;)



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