Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Guys Who Cook On Diva Universal

I attended a media closed door event organised by Diva Universal located at The Exchange @ Asia Square.

DIVA Universal is a channel with great drama and fun reality shows. The female-skewed channel has been enjoying great success with original programming, having brought the sassy original drama “Fairly Legal” (starring Sarah Shahi) and two highly-rated seasons of “The Biggest Loser Asia” to Asian viewers.

DIVA Universal continues to deliver what audiences want: high quality original content that has great affinity with local audiences where viewers know what to expect and will keep coming back. “Hot Guys Who Cook” is all set to be a huge success and be highly entertaining for DIVA viewers.

There is this saying the fastest way to win a man's heart is through his stomach, but what about when it's him doing the cooking? 

Whats more if  there are 18 gorgeous men from all around Asia dish out their kitchen tricks to woo the ladies in DIVA's latest reality series, Hot Guys Who Cook.

I'm sure all of you girls will go crazy right?

Because I felt this way too when these hotties bring candid humour and fun into the making of quick meals for us.

Let me give you more facts about this variety show:

"Hot Guys Who Cook" is a fresh format to awaken one’s appetite for greater entertainment.
18 hot guys will be cooking up their signature quick meals in six half-hour episodes on DIVA Universal. 

Each week, three hot guys will show off their hot looks as they attempt to cook up a storm in the kitchen. They bring candid humour and fun into the making of quick meals – be it a steak sandwich or Asian favourites like Chicken Tikka.

The hot guys are  more than pretty and familiar faces in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines. They are actors, models, a former F1 driver, a radio host and a DJ.

Hot Guys Who Cook Premieres 25 June, Mondays @ 9pm only on DIVA Universal

GF and I were so excited for the premiere to start. Today's hot guys: 

Henry Golding, Nat Ho and Paul Foster.

GF and I not only love eating good food, we love the hot guys too. ♥

With two of my buddies - GF and William.

Fulfilling two guilty pleasures of women – beautiful men and delicious food - Hot Guys Who Cook is set to leave audiences ravenous for more.

Okay, enough talk. Lets see the hot guys in action now:

Henry Golding was the first to go.

Let me give you a little background about this hot guy:

Henry is a mix of English culture and Iban heritage, the former hair stylist went from fixing people's bad hair days, to becoming the face and voice of Malaysian TV after deciding to return to Asia, where he began hosting television programmes.

As the winner of Elle magazine's Host of the Year, Henry has merged his love for hosting and his passion for travel, and has done everything from resort living, to jungle adventures. Somewhere in those travels, he must have started a fire and cooked something.

Henry's dish: Roast Chicken.

I must say Henry's Roast Chicken was so delicious and addictive.

I couldn't stop myself from eating whenever the waitress brought it in front of me.

The next better player: Nat Ho

Nat Ho, a very familiar name to all of us. He is none other than our very own Singaporean actor.

A former contestant in the first season of Singapore Idol in 2004, the teen soon switched to acting and promptly became a household name in his home country, having acted in both English and Chinese drama serials.But TV lost a delicious appetizer when the star decided that he wanted his main course to be singing, and released his debut album entitled Unleashed this year. It will be interesting to see what he'll be preparing next.

So what did Nat has for us???

Tadaa! Nat'd dish: Potato Salad and Steak.

It looked yummy too!!!

Last but not least, Paul Foster.

Born to a British father and Chinese mother, Paul Foster burst onto the scene with the Singapore reality television show, Food Bachelor, where he faced off against other hunks in, what else, cooking competitions.

With commercials, TV dramas and Indonesian feature film Catatan Harian Si Boy under his belt, Paul is now looking into conceptualising and producing TV content as Creative Director for his company, Status Productions. It remains to be seen if the graduate of Australia's Deakin University can whip up another delicious kitchen battle, but he definitely has the upper hand.

Paul’s Dish: Indian Delight (Yellow Dahl, Sarg Paneer and Chicken Tikka)

Mouthwatering dish that was tempting me too.

Voting time: Each of us was given a table tennis ball to vote for the best "Hot Guys Who Cook".

And here's the result:

Henry Golding won the match. And a lucky voter who vote for Henry who get to walk away with prizes.

Henry, why you no pick me???

Though I didn't win any prizes, but I'm still very happy. Because......... Because........ I managed to take photo with all the three hot guys: 

With Henry Golding. 
Aww, he remembered that I voted for him ♥

With Nat Ho.

Nat is really a very friendly person, we had a nice chatting session with him. 

With Paul Foster.
Paul has a nice smile, don't you agree?

These guys are not only just equipped with charming personalities and good looks, they will tantalize and titillate the senses of viewers, proving that cooking shows may not have to be just about culinary skills or Michelin-starred food.

Hot Guys Who Cook premieres on 25 June, every Monday, at 9pm only on DIVA Universal (Starhub Channel. 522)

For more information, please visit http://www.divauniversal.asia/hot-guys-who-cook



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