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SHINE Youth Festival 2012 Media Conference

Thanks for the invitation to SHINE Youth Festival Media Conference‏, I'm so glad to be part of this big family again this year. I had attended SHINE Youth Festival launch last year and I must say it was a blast, I had a wonderful time spent with all my friends. It makes me feel so good to be youth.

Interested to find out how I spent my SHINE Youth Festival last year, read here to find out more.

I know many of us only heard about Youth Festival, but what about SHINE Youth Festival?

What exactly is SHINE Youth Festival?

Launced in 2005, SHINE Youth Festival is organised by the National Youth Council yearly for youth (age between 15 to 35) to pursue their interests, and showcase their talents and creativity to promote worthy causes and give back to the community. A platform to encourage youth to take the lead in ground-up initiatives, as well as highlight the good work of local youth organisations in nurturing and developing youth leaders.

SHINE Youth Festival will be held in the Youth month of July from 30 June to 29 July reaching out to out to over 250,000 youth to Fire Up Their Passion!

Without further delay, lets kickstart the conference and unveil more about SHINE Youth Festival.

Gleeful Moments by Pitch to SHINE finalist, John & Deniece Glee Studios opened the ceremony with their gleeful dance.

Credits to facebook
John & Deniece Glee Studios, a Gold Pitch to SHINE grant awardee, reminds everyone to celebrate during the month of Youth!

The SHINE Youth Festival returns with a fiery heart for the community this year! The theme of 2012 "Aspirations" enables youth to unleash their aspirations and passion for the community through two brand new initiatives - Pitch to SHINE and Pledge to SHINE.

So whats sizzling this year SHINE?

Lets invite Martin Tan, Chairman of SHINE 2012 Steering Committee, and Muhammad Nabil, Co-Chair of SHINE Organising Committee, up for panel discussion.

How does the theme "Aspirations" comes about?

The theme “Aspirations” serves to inspire the youth community to act on their passions and make a difference in their community and the world. SHINE encourages the youth to pursue their dreams; step out of theircomfort zones and lead projects that showcase their individual interests, and to become shining examples for youth action in Singapore.

No dream is too big to achieve if you believe in it. So come "Fire Up Your Passion".

Credits to SHINE facebook.

We were listening attentively to the talk.


SHINE also introduced two new initiatives: Pitch to SHINE and Pledge to SHINE:

Pitch to SHINE

Pitch to SHINE was launched early this year to identify and fund youth projects that promote worthy causes and make a difference in the community. A total of 16 projects with the themes "Youth Culture", "Youth Sports" and "Youth Action" will be carried out during SHINE 2012.

The grant aims to further the development of youth leaders and organisations, providing these groups with a platform to pursue their interests and advocate causes they believe in. 

Lets turn our aspirations into reality now.

Pledge to SHINE

In the spirit of getting youth to Fire Up Their Passion!, a new portal, Pledge to SHINE, has been launched for youth to pledge their aspirations at

The purpose of this portal is to enable youth to turn their aspirations into action and benefit the community.

Riding on the wave of youth social movements like Project Hello Stranger1 and Writeboarding by Rediscover.sg2, NYC hopes to inspire and enable more social movements amongst the youth today, spurring them to find unique and creative ways to have a positive impact in today‟s society.

So what are some of SHINE 2012 highlights?

An exciting line-up of events and activities throughout the entire Youth month of July, starting with the SHINE Festival Opening on 30 June at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. 

Don't miss out the COSMO Youth Parade that is set to take Orchard Road by storm again as hundreds of youth, volunteers and the young-at-heart dressed in awesome cosplay and mascot designs partake in a colourful celebration of youth culture.

Another main highlight of the SHINE Festival Opening is Dell-Intel Youth Concert
Happening from 7pm to 9pm, the Dell-Intel Youth Concert is set to get youths gyrating to the music of YouTube sensation Jayesslee, local veteran singing duo Jack and Rai, and up-and-coming local YouTube star Clarence Liew.

It’s a free-for-all concert with 300 priority standing tickets to be won. There are also 100 tickets to Jayesslee’s Meet & Greet session up for grabs. Both draws will be held on 22 June 2012, so if you’ve made your pledge, keep your fingers crossed! If you’ve not done so, what are you waiting for?

Visit to pledge now.

Credits SHINE facebook.

Next segment, we had Alvina Neo and Bernard Toh from Dreamcatchers, a Gold Pitch to SHINE grant awardee - sharing more about the inspiration behind their artworks.

Dreamcatchers is an adolescent chronic illness peer group with the slogan: "Dreams. Hope. Inspire." It is made up of a group of unique youths that hold on firmly to the belief that chronic illnesses are not disabling, and represents the possibilities if one dares to dream and put their hearts to it.

Project Dreamcatchers showcased the artworks by chronic illness patients depicting the theme of aspirations. The art pieces will be made using medical items and equipment, and presented in a mix of photography and paintings. 

There is so much that can be achieved if they dare to dream.

The exhibition launches on 27 July 2012 at the Goodman Arts Centre, and will be open until 29 July 2012!

Do support okay???

Luminance! 2012 is Singapore's first youth light art festival. 

Conceptualised and organised by The Living Project!, it provides a development platform for youths to embrace their passion for art. 

Luminance! will be held from 23 -30 June, and will be part of the pre-event celebrations for the SHINE Youth Festival.A total of 27 artworks have been curated for Luminance! 2012. 

Lets take a look at some of the art pieces:

Tron that is made from cupboard.

With new interactive technology, heartwarming involvement from the underprivileged community and recycled art techniques used, festival go-ers are promised an enjoyable time as they interact with and experience a colourful playground of light and artistry.

Photo with Joey, it's been a year since we knew each other. SHINE Youth Festival 2011 was when we first met.

I'm already feeling excited for SHINE Youth Festival opening, do you?

Thumb up with all the bloggers present at the media conference.

William and I had make our pledge. 

Share your aspirations online and you will stand a chance to win attractive prizes.
A grand prize, the Alienware X51, will be awarded to the Pledge Maker with the highest number of votes (denoted by the number of chillies on his/her profile).

Hurry and make your pledge now -

Photo with Chiro.

July is the month for youths – the month for SHINE. So let us all come together and join this big celebration, putting our dreams in action.

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