Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Music Festival (夏日音乐趴)

Arriving at Changi City Point Arena @ Level 3 for Summer Music Festival on a Sunday evening.
Thanks GF for bringing me there.

Settled down and feeling all excited.
I'm here for Anthony Neely 倪安东 and Xiao Gui 黃鴻升, my two favourite Taiwanese idols.
Full house at Changi City Point Arena before the show starts. Heard from my friend that fans were already queuing up 3 hours before the concert begins.

GF and I were given F&N Fruit Tree Fresh - Apple & Aloe Vera. That's so thoughtful of them, I'm dehydrating, the bottle of drink came to my rescue.

Micappella started off the concert with the songs - Singderella and Oh Yeah!

MICappella is a Vocal Band that represents Singapore's next step in Contemporary A cappella music.

Next up was Cheryl Wee 黄馨慧 with the songs - 爱疯旅行 and 一首月亮的歌

Cheryl is beauty pageant winner and Singapore new talent, so sweet looking right?

Ming Bridges 乔毓明, our local newbie singer, a pretty 19 years old Eurasian.
With just 2 months of Mother Tongue lesson, I'm amazed by how well her Mandarin is.

She has brought to us 2 of her songs - 马赛克世界 & 有些男孩不能爱

I liked the second song. The lyric is good and I fall in love with the song the minute I heard it.

The Freshman 插班生 with the songs - 小动作 and 眼镜蒙蒙的

Carrie Yeo and Chen Diya make up the Freshman. 
The pair met in 2007 at “Project Superstar II”, a nation-wide singing talent search competition organised by Mediacorp Pte Ltd, and they emerged the top two winners of the female category. 

Forging a friendship in their rivalry, they continued their dogged pursuit in their common dream – singing.

Our Singapore pride - Olivia Ong 王俪婷 with the songs - 海枯石烂, 幸福记号, Ready For Love and 要你管

Olivia has also been appointed as the Music Ambassador of the Global Chinese Music Awards (第12届 - 全球华语歌曲排行榜), the second Singaporean artiste to be appointed the role after Joi Chua.

After our local artists performance, it's time to welcome the the Taiwanese artists:

It's Freya Lim 林凡 with 3 of her songs - 痛痒, 睡在一起的知己 & 重伤

It's been more than 10 years since her visit to Singapore for performance.
Singapore fans miss you very much.

Oh yes, Anthony Neely was next: 

Anthony Neely 倪安东brought us 3 songs too - 让我爱她,  一觉醒来 and 散场的拥抱

Anthony was sick that night and his throat hurts him a lot.
However, he still continued with to finish his performance.

All the fans below were touched by his professionalism. We sang together with him and this gave him the motivation. Go, Anthony!

I'm sure without me saying, you know who is next.

Lets welcome Xiao Gui 小鬼:

Alien Huang 黄鸿升 appearance made the fans go high. Whispers and screams filled the air.

 I felt contented listening to Xiao Gui's 4 songs - 漩涡, 黑心, 涩谷 and 不屑

It's like watching a mini concert showcase of his. What can I still ask for?

I simply loved his performance. It's awesome!

Even Pei Fen is smitten by him too.

I must say he is good at interacting with audience, he knew how to handle the crowds well. Of course, he had many years of hosting experience.

A short video of him - 不屑

The fans knew all the songs well and sang together with him.

I wish to see Xiao Gui soon again in Singapore.

Leaving Arena feeling happy and contented, I had such a close up of every artiste, especially Xiao Gui. Words can't describe how happy and excited I am feeling at that moment.

I had a fantastic night together with GF. Thanks a lot, gal (:

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