Friday, June 8, 2012

The Usual's Dinner Gathering and Chill Out at Bugis

Thank God It's Friday. 
Time really pass so fast. Unknowingly, we are already in the month of June. Argh, what have I been doing and achieved for the past six months?

Time for reflection soon.

It's finally the usual's dinner gathering again. I can't remember when was the last time we meet up for dinner besides event. It must have been very long.

Decided to have our dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng 旺角茶餐厅 @ Bugis Junction.

I had my bacon and cream spaghetti. Haha, this definitely don't look creamy to me.

Whenever I'm at 旺角茶餐厅, I will always order spaghetti without fail. Shall try other flavours next time round.

Friday always make me happy (:

With Linda and Terence.

We had a great laugh over my dinner topic - The two new upcoming movies: Piranha 3dd and Sadako 3D. The way they described the movie was so funny ~

GF and William waiting for their food.

Time to tuck in.

If you think our night is ending here, you are wrong.

After our dinner, it's time for happy hour. We went to Beaver's Pub and Grill which we promised William to visit the other time.

Our second round started.

While waiting for more food and drink, had a picture with GF.

Woo, chicken wings were here.

Lol, our drink were here too.

We were teasing William all night about his latest scandal. Recently, William has been approached by a guy on facebook to ask him for non-anal fun, kiss, hug and oral job for $300. 
I have never imagine such situation could happen to any of my friends. That is so disgusting. But not to worry, my friend did not accept the offer, he is not a male whore.

I had to admit that I could not take the spiciness of these hot and spicy chicken wings. Too hot for me!

I need Stella Artois to cool me down. It was bitter at the beginning but sweet towards the end.

Potato with cheese.

What a heavy dinner we had. I went home with a bloated stomach and a ultra red face. Did I mention before that I will flushed the minute I drink alcohol. I looked like some red tomato that attract lots of attention in train. All right, need to have a good rest.

Good night, everyone..

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