Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hi Tea Treats at Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar‏

After a hectic and stressful week at work or school, everyone is looking forward to weekend to enjoy the relaxation. A high tea session is often desired by many individuals where they can settle down and relax the afternoon away with delicious pastries and tea while chit-chatting with friends.

I had a relaxing Saturday afternoon chilling at Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar‏, a chic restaurant located at Orchard Central.

Occupying a sprawling 3,000 square feet with a total seating capacity of 80, Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar is great for intimate meals as well as events. This modern bistro and wine bar combines unrivalled freshness and impeccable plating for every dish. This restaurant also unveils a bold and unique dining concept by housing new fashion label ESYE.

Nestled in the corner of Basement 2 at Orchard Central, Covelli serves modern Italian favourites with a touch of luxury at affordable prices. Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar gives authentic Italian cuisine a new twist with its wide range of thin-crust pizzas and pastas, meats, desserts and more. Wine connoisseurs will be heartened to know that Covelli boast one of the well-stocked cellars in Singapore, featuring more than 50 wines from Italy, Australia, France and Spain.

Covelli is located at 181 Orchard Road #B2-13/22, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896.

Making my first visit to Covelli.

GF and I enjoyed the chic ambience.

The monochromatic design and mood lightings create a warm and cosy ambience, making it an ideal venue for friends or couples to meet up for a hearty meal.

What an enjoyable social life, I want to be tai-tai.


There is a wide range of tea selection available.
And my pick was Grandma's Garden.
The tea was $8.50 per pot / $5.50 per glass.

Sencha Green Tea with Strawberry, Mango and Pear flavouring mixed with dried fruit pieces.

Pouring the tea into the cup.

Indulging in my tea drinking session, the high tea is truly a relaxing moment. I'm in need of it before I went for war later.

Do you also fancy an high tea session with your friends and love one?

Grandma's Garden.

The aroma of the fruits were very strong where different types of food were blended together and formed the sweet smell.

And Garden's Garden fruit tea definitely tasted good.

Other choices of tea that are available - Victorian Rose Tea and Lord William's Promise. 

And GF's pick was Victorian Rose Tea. She is a flower tea lover whereas I am a fruit tea lover.

There are definitely more other variety of tea available.

And our 2-tier high tea set was here.

The high tea set comes with 4 cakes and pastries, together with a pot of tea from Covelli's extensive selection menu. This high tea set is priced at $9.90++, and runs from 3pm - 6pm on weekdays and 12pm to 6pm on weekends.

Where can you find such a good deal???

The cakes and pastries differ day to day, depending on the Chef's special as well as what's available on that day. Hence, the selection that I have tasted today might not be available everyday as the menu changes.

I loved the peanut butter pie ♥ It tastes so delicious.

Couldn't resist eating all the sweet looking cakes and pastries for I have a sweet tooth.

Declicious Bruschetta was served next. Wow, one was definitely not enough for me. 
I want to eat more!!!

Bruschetta is one of talian most popular appetizer. It is simple and fast to prepare, and yet it tastes so heavenly.

It's time to pamper yourself.

Enjoy the selection of cakes and pastries with an aromatic cup of tea or coffee! At only $9.90+

The girls had a lovely and sweet Saturday at Covelli

Come down to Covelli for the high tea set and enjoy your sweet day too ♥

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