Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Pyramid of Delights - New Lipton Pyramid Tea

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Who's that?

Lipon Tea delivery is here!!!

My day couldn't have been any better upon receiving this ultra huge New Lipton Pyramid Tea.
My blue day has instantly been lifted up.

Are you a tea lover?

Yes, I am a tea lover. Taking in the aroma and sipping the tea makes me feel relaxed and soothing. Do you feel the same way too?

Not only that, drinking tea is also good for our health. A study has shown that drinking black tea may lower the risk of heart disease as it prevents blood from clumping and forming clots. Not only that, it aids in weight loss too.

My family has always been a loyal supporter of Lipton. We used to drink the Yellow Label Tea by Lipton, one of their premium black tea which offered a refreshing essence.


Unveiled the pyramid and checked out what's inside?

Wow, look what Lipton has prepared for me. Packets of teas from different range were found at the lower shelf and at the upper shelf were 2 cups. That's so thoughtful of Lipton ♥♥

Checked out Lipton premium range of seven fine tea flavours consisting of black tea and fruit tea.

Lipton Pyramid Tea range was created for the consumer who is in search of luxurious indulgence which can be savored every day. That is what I need every day I return home. I wish to indulge in the aroma, texture and unique flavors of fine teas, and laze around in the cozy comforts with my loved ones.

Lipton is one of the world’s greatest refreshment brands with a commanding presence in the global beverages market with tea-based drinks including leaf tea, infusions, ready-to drink tea and other healthy based alternatives to soft drinks.

For more information, please visit

In today, tea has become more than a drink to many lovers of the fine art of tea drinking. This is probably one of the reasons for the phenomenal growth of specialty tea in recent years. The love for tea drives the demand for variety in tastes, flavours and brew. 

And therefore, Lipton introduced the Lipton Pyramid Tea range, a series of fine teas blended by its passionate team of teamasters.

Everyone has their own favorite tea, appreciated for its unique taste and aroma.

Blending tea is an art-form. No two teas are ever the same, even if they are gathered from the same estate. 

With more than a century of heritage, Lipton blends teas to create a consistently balanced, flavourful, and aromatic cup of tea every time. The Lipton Tea Masters are so splendidly skilled in the art and science of tea that their teas are blended to perfection.


Without any further ado, let me introduce you to the Lipton premium range of seven fine tea flavours:

Lipton Pyramid Gold Range:

- Russian Earl Grey
- Mild Ceylon
- Solid Assam
-  Asian White

Lipton Pyramid Fruit Range:

- Forest Fruit
- Blue Fruit
- Citrus Fruit


Fruit Infusions Range

My favourite is gonna be:

1. Citrus Tea

A paradise of citrus flavours, every sip gives a distinct taste of oranges, limes, grapefruits and lemons infused in tea.

Citrus tea goes well with seafoods, especially cooked in Asian Spice.

Opening up my pack of Citrus Tea and a strong aroma of tea hits me.

Part of the secret of the wonderful aromatic Lipton Pyramid Tea lies in its unique pyramidtea bag which contains whole tea leaves handpicked from the top two leaves and a bud ofthe tea plant, real fruit pieces and petals to deliver natural, pleasurable tea taste. Each teavariant is crafted to ensure the delicate balance of flavour and tea and preserved in aspecially-designed caddy click box packaging to keep tea fresh for a long time.

The elegant, pyramid shaped tea bag liberates the best flavours by allowing the large tealeaves, flowers, herbs and real pieces of fruits optimum room to infuse for greater aroma,color and taste and an extraordinary taste experience.

For tea enthusiasts, this means that we can enjoy a refined tea drinking experience with the convenience of a teabag which also delivers the natural antioxidant power of the whole tea leaves.

I loved Citrus tea. The tea is naturally sweet and the flavour of the fruits blend well together.

It gave out a strong aroma of orange and lemon.

A perfect drink to have after work as it make me feel refreshing!

Citrus tea is highly recommended. Thumb up for it!

2. Forest Fruit Tea

This delightful tea offers a delicate touch of summer with its treasures of redcurrant complemented with light flavour or raspberry, cherry and blackberry.

Fruit tea is highly recommended for lunches with smoked dishes such as smoked duck, salmon, or pigeon, and complements chips, nuts and crackers for your afternoon tea.

Being a fruit tea lover, I enjoyed the flavour of cherry and berries.

3. Blue Fruit Tea

The infusion of raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrant infused in tea leaves is best for relaxation, bringing you calmness and balance.

Highly recommended for all butter confectionery. Cakes and shortbreads work beautifully as well!

Gold Range
4. Russian Earl Grey Tea

A fusion of big tea leaves with blue petals, orange and lemon peels which gives a rich, refreshing taste.

Perfect for breakfast! With bread, tarts, biscuits or scones!

5. Asian White Green Tea

Combination of white and green tea, mingled with real rose petals for a light lacour. Unleashes the wonderful taste of rose & lychee.

Wonderful with turkey, chicken, pork and fish. Round off your chocolate dessert as this tea smoothens out the burst of sensations in your mouth.

6. Mild Ceylon Tea

Enjoy the rich aromatic tea leaves of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) grown on hilly areas, delivering stong and rich flavour in a frame of soft taste.

Ideal for drinking all day long. A delightful treat with ice-cream, especially vanilla!

7. Solid Assam Tea

An exquisite tea from Assam region in North-East India with strong and rich tea taste and light malt flavour, best with milk and sugar.

Perfect as breakfast tea and goes well with cheese and crackers!

This July, Lipton is partnering Cold Storage, the shopping destination of choice for premiumspecialty tea, to bring the Lipton Pyramid range closer to consumers at a Cold Storage outlet near them. Shoppers can purchase any of the seven variants of Lipton Pyramid Teaat just $3.95 at Cold Storage (usual retail price: $4.40).

With just $3.95, you will be able to enjoy luxurious indulgence new Lipton Pyramid Tea that is delicately crafted for tea lovers.

The Lipton team will also be at Cold Storage in the month of July to provide sampling trials to shoppers and to offer theman opportunity to experience for themselves the quality taste of Lipton Pyramid Tea.


Enough talking, it's time to enjoy my Lipton tea with my family.
Thanks Lipton Tea for the wonderful gifts, we loved it very much ♥


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