Saturday, June 23, 2012

The White Party at Arena

Saturday night is a party night!
Let's switch on to party mode!

Together with a group of friends, we attended the hot party that was happening in town:


Celebrities around the world have taken flight with their luxurious white parties.
Come be a part of this exclusive experience.
Dressed in glamourous white.

The party took place at Arena, my first check-in to this night club located at Clarke Quay. The club specialized in R&B music, one of my favourite genres of music.

Catching up with Linda and Hong Wei. I missed them so much, haven been seeing them for quite sometimes. Linda is busy with school while Hong Wei is busy serving the nation. 

Our humourous host with feather hairband. She looked like mamasan hunting for all the male party-goers.

Having a great chat at our VIP seats. Our bonds are getting stronger and closer.

Our next table got targeted by the feather-lady host. Poor guy in black shirt was pulled up to stage, the consequence of not dressing in the theme.

Camwhoring mode turned on:

With Andrew enjoying the groove.

I loved the bunch of friends who are always "on" for everything.

With Terence.

Initially I was quite indecisive whether to go for this party. I'm not so much of a white person and I had a hard time digging out my wardrobe hunting for white dress. But I'm so glad I turned up for the party because it will never be boring with my friends around.

So remember:

Never Say NEVER!

With Hong Wei. 

Waaa, Hong Wei is so tall. One head taller than me.

Met me with Leon again. 

Did you spot any similarity between this photo and the two photos above.

Yes, you are right.
Extra hand appeared in all three photos.

Waa, spoiler leh. 
Let me catch the culprit. Tada!!

You are wanted: Tai Zheng.

That's the photo of the culprit after he took out his yellow sunglass (:

Words can't describe how much we enjoy at the party.

With HP who was all dressed up for the party. He even got himself a white pant.

With James.

Haven seen him for a long long time too. Catch up soon ~

The uniformly white team. 
What does man in white make you think of????

I loved partying in big groups. We were having so much fun.
I loved going party with the usuals because we will always watch out for one another.

One last picture to end of my post.

With Linda no. 2.

An awesome Saturday night with all my friends. Thanks for making my weekend a blast one. Cheers to a better tomorrow.

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