Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dinner at Kungfu Paradise + HongPeng's Birthday Celebration

7/7/12 - Saturday

Met up with clique for a dinner gathering on a random weekend at Bugis+.
I finally made my first visit to Bugis+, formally know as Iluma. The new mall was lauched in June 2012 with over 30 new and established brands to excite shoppers after undergoing months of transformation.

Trying out Kungfu Paradise for my very first time. A relaxing place where you can spend hours chilling out with buddies over tasty Chinese and Western snacks or dishes. If you love to dine in Xin Wang, here is another place you can consider.

I ordered Korean instant noodles

GF ordered the toast for us to share (:

William ordered Mango Craze Ice for us to share too!!!

Happy Hongwei, Terence and Yufan after the dinner.

I loved custard bun, love the part where the salted egg flow out. Delicious!!!

My all time favourite - Potato wedges. 
I'm a Kentang girl.

A satisfied us after the meal. 
A simple and nice gathering to end off my weekend.


11/7/12 - Wednesday

Happy birthday to HP! Hope that you have enjoyed yourself in this special day and may all your wishes come true!!!

Specially choose the venue at Fish and Co @ The Glass House because the crew will all gathered around at the birthday boy and sing him their version of happy birthday.
A good place to hold celebration for your friends.

Felt so hungry by the time they served my main course. 
I had Spicy Prawn Miso Spaghetti for dinner.

More prawnsssssss!!!

A free dinner treat does not come easily. 
Tasks were being set aside for HP to accomplish.

He had to choose a number from 1 to 10. After which, a QR code was given to him and he will scan it and unveiled the tasks.
So the task was:

Do a shoutout to all the people in the restaurant that it is your Birthday today and get them to sing along the Birthday Melody.

Yeah, and so he went up to the stage and get everyone to sing along with us the birthday melody.
You deserved this dinner treat.

We got him a lovely fruit cake.

Chill out session at Alley Bar where everyone bond together, we shared our jokes and some silly stuffs with one another, and the "Thor" fever that got us mind wrecking.

We had so much fun and laughter. How nice if tomorrow is weekend so we could all stay much longer. Night, everyone. zzzZzzz

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