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Food tasting at Canto Kitchen

Food Review

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, may everyone has a fruitful holiday.
I must say I have a fruitful one. Together with a group of bloggers, we attended a food tasting dinner at Canto Kitchen, located at People's Park Complex.

About Canto Kitchen

Canto Kitchen was established in 2009 which was first lead by a Cantonese chef who brought in a lot of delectable Cantonese dishes into the menu. It was then took over by a Malaysian chef who then brought in his own specialties like Curry Fish Head to compliment the old menu. With the combination of both chefs. Canto Kitchen now serve a wide variety of dishes to satisfy the taste buds of food savvy customers.

Canto Kitchen is well known for its reasonable and affordable prices for its extensive menu, and uses only the freshest ingredients to prepare the food. It is also the only air-conditioned restaurant in People's Park complex to cater to the humid weather in Singapore.

Looking at all the signature dishes made me drool, will I be able to try all of them later???

We looked like we were in serious discussion, what happen?

Hmmm, actually....................
All of us were very hungry looking at the banner. Let's make a move and get in!

We were then being led into the V.I.P. room where there were only the 15 of us. 
How awesome!

I really appreciate the efforts that the team had put in to warmly welcome us, the place was nicely decorated.

A photo with GF.

Sherbet had prepared a speech for us , so everyone turned to him and paid 100% attention.
And right after the speech, it's time to tuck in our 9 course dinner:

Braised Shark's Fins With Fish Maw
The amount of fins were generous, my bowl was all filled with ingredients.
The shark's fins soup tasted so delicious that I slurped down the whole bowl of soup at once. 

Thumb up!

Fried Prawns With Orange Sauce

This gonna be one of my favourite dish among all. I love the uniqueness of the pairing of prawns with orange sauce. Finished the prawn in just one mouth, it tasted yummy and aromatic that I wouldn't reject a second plate if there was any.

Chinese Herbal Roasted Duck

Yet another delicious delicacies that you cannot miss. 

The satisfaction you get when you sink your teeth to the juicy and tender meat is overwhelming, it made us craving for more.
Food lover gonna try this, it's simply mouth-watering.

Braised Beancurd with Conpoy

The beancurd was so smooth and silky. The thick gravy sauce has spiced up the fragrant and flavour of the beancurd., making it appetizing.

Steamed Cod Fish Head With Garlic & Chilli

Sherbet was helping us with cutting the fish.

Just the look of it made me drool. It's a must try for everyone.

The fish head was steamed to perfection, the garlic and chilli were then added to spice up the flavour. The meat was fresh and soft firm. The taste was heavenly, the combination of spiciness and sourness made me couldn't resist helping myself with more. However, there is one thing I always dislike eating fish head: there are way too many bones to pick out.

Poached Spinach w/Whole Garlic & 3Eggs

Initially when the dish was served, I was wondering where were the spinach?
Hmmm, so all the spinach were being hide underneath the egg.

Usually I am the type of person who will spurn away at vegetables, so I only take in selective types.
Poached spinach is one of the veggies that I like because it taste healthy and appetizing.

Spare Ribs W/Yam in "Zhen Jiang"Style

Wow, this gonna be one of the best ribs that I have tried because the spare ribs were boneless and I can finished it in one mouth. The meat was succulent and yummy. Together with the crispy yam, it tasted just perfect.

Garlic Steamed Crab W/Glutinous Rice

The sweet and aromatic cooked glutinous rice with garlic steamed crab at the top is delectable. The glutinous rice has this nice aroma in it. The crab on the other hand tasted so fresh and delicious. It definitely goes well with the glutinous rice, great combination.

A dinner will never be complete with dessert.

I have a soft spot for dinner. No matter how full I am, when it comes to dessert, my stomach will automatically set aside space for it.

Chilled Mango W/ Pomelo

The dessert tasted heavenly sweet. The mango and pomelo were blended adequately together with milk. The sweetness of the dessert has covered the sourness of the mango. 

Been quite sometimes since the four of us last took photo together. 
 Time to camwhore.

Feeling happy and satisfied after the dinner (:

Thanks Canto Kitchen for the great hospitality, the great customer service and great food served. We had an enjoyable and fulfilling dining experience.

Are you already drooling?

Head down now to Canto Kitchen. 6 new set meals will be launched from 1st September onwards:

I personally think that the price is reasonable and affordable. I will definitely bring my family and friends down again.

Another good deal:

From 1st September to 30th November 2012, Canto Kitchen will be having a joint "15 dollars deal" promotion with Standard Chartered Bank. The promotion is only valid for 2 set menus specially designed for the promotion.

A great dinner with all the bloggers.

A big thanks to Canto Kitchen!

1 Park Road #05-01 People's Park Complex

Opening Hours: 
Monday - Sunday (including public holiday)
Lunch: 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm - 9.30pm

For enquires/reservations: 6536 0501

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