Friday, August 17, 2012

Recent Food Hunt

After a day of hard work, what do you always look forward to?

For me, I always look forward to a good meal to reward myself after a day of hard work. Yeah, so check out some of the good food that I had over the past few months:

Dessert is something that I couldn't resist. My meal will never be complete without dessert. 
Dragon Brand Dessert is one of my regular dine out place. The dessert of the day for each day is different so you will totally have no idea what dessert you are having that day. 

So the dessert of the day is:
Black Glutinous Rice Cake with Coconut Milk

One thing I like about this dessert is that it does not taste very sweet but then the portion seems a bit small. Not enough kick.

I'm sure you can already guess where the mushroom soup is from judging from the background. Yes, it's The Manhattan Fish Market.

I simply love the mushroom soup, it's thick and creamy!!

Fish and Chips is my all-time favourite. Love how the fries are fried till golden brown.Basically I loved everything that is fried.

At Pasta de Waraku.

Can't remember what is the name of dish. Got to say that the dish is not to my liking. The spaghetti is spicy and also the sauce taste weird to me.

Other than the sauce, everything tastes good.

Can you guess what is this beautiful place?

Was at here seeking shelter while pouring heavily outside.

Try out this salted fish spaghetti from Thai Affair. Quite an unique dish, I mean who would have thought of using salted fish to pair with spaghetti. Overall, the taste is good but they need to improve in their customer service, the waiting time is super long.

It's Dragon Brand Dessert again.

They served my favourite dessert: Avocado with ice cream. Avocado is my favourite fruit juice, how can I not love Avocado ice-cream. It tastes heavenly good. Yummy!!

Leaving the restaurant feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Hai, how can I stay slim and eat a lot at the same time?

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