Monday, August 6, 2012

Super Store Singapore - Cool Custom Badges E-commerce Store

Come design and customized your own badge with Super Store Singapore now!

Super Store Singapore, an online e-commerce store dedicated to making cool custom badges.

As a premium custom badge provider in Singapore, they set to give you the best of customization of badges, be it for personal, events or even your wedding, they provide you with custom badges that will impress!

Super Store Singapore provides customized badges for:

- Corporate gifts
- Goodie bag
- Class graduation souvenirs
- Events
- Door gifts
- Birthday party guest gifts

Students: Imagine being the only one with lots of badges pinned on your bag, with alphabets that spells your name, your own graphical works, you can make your school bag stand out!

For Events: What’s better than a simple gift which everyone could use? Badges of course! Make a custom pin button badge with your event information, event logo, or even use it as a unique personalised business card that stands out from the other boring usual name cards.

The possibilities of a customized badge is endless! So start shopping now at

Super Store Singapore specializes in producing premium custom badges with convenience, the range of services include:

- Bulk customization of badges orders
- Personalized badges
- Designers showcase(Public may send in their designs)
- Specialized name card badges

You can even customized your own badge quotes or pick-up lines. Pinned up on those cool quotes and walk like a boss.

The demand for Internet Meme badges is just too damn high!

Which is your favourite?


How about trying some lingo letters? 

Using the Alphabets to form the words: Bo Jio!

Our very own Singaporean language: Wa Lao!

Aren't these some of your favourite use of words.

Spelled my name: S-H-U-Q-I-N-G

The different colour of Alphabets badge available!!! Take your pick!

How awesome is this:

Wanna know Shu Qing's QR, scan me maybe?

Tadaa, you can even customized your badge into QR where can scan into the site you wish to bring them too.
Try scan this? It will bring you to the site that I want to show the whole world.

Shu Qing ♥ SG.
I'm gonna pin this up on National Day and show my love toward Singapore <3

Will you join me in doing so?

Thanks Super Store Singapore for the awesome cool badges, I loved it very much!!!

Order your customize badges and create a unique impression like no other! Surprise your clients and loved ones! To find out more regarding Super Store Singapore, please visit


  1. This is really good place to find best and custom made unique badges. I have been seen all that promotional product badges that you have mention on your post. You have a really nice collection of custom badges.

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  2. @andrewtarant: thanks, I'm glad you like them :)

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