Thursday, August 16, 2012

TGIS (Thank Goodness It's SingTel) Season 2

Oh yes, it's TGIS!!!

I'm sure some of you may have question mark in your mind:

"Do you mean TGIF?"

What you see are absolutely correct. Now, let me give you more details on what exactly is TGIS:
TGIS  - Thank Goodness It's SingTel

TGIS features things Singaporeans are passionate about and helps viewers make sense of the world of gadgets, social media and technology. Season 1 was very well received with some episode receiving as many as 373k views. 

Thus, Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) has launched the second season of the hugely popular online lifestyle series on YouTube, TGIS. With a new look for its second season, TGIS aims to entertain and educate young Singaporean adults on infotainment news with local and international flavor. 

The show retains its vivacious host from Season 1, Joanne-Marie Sim, who was voted Singapore’s next social media star during last year’s SingTel Facebook casting call.


Was invited to TGIS Season 2 Bloggers Gathering together with a group of friends:

Thanks GF for the photo.

TGIS kicked off its second season on August 8, 2012 with a National Day special episode, featuring popular Singaporeans artists and personalities like Hossan Leong, Tay Kewei, Ginette Chittick and Alvelyn Alko. On the show, they shared their views on what it means to be Singaporean and also their fields of work.

Check out some of the behind-the-scene photos:

Joanne-Marie with Hossan Leong.

Argh, so envy. I want to take photo with Kewei too.

Upcoming episodes will include uncovering some of Singapore’s emerging technology and entertainment talents.

So, stay tuned.


You know what?

SingTel’s Director of Digital Marketing, Miguel Bernas, was present at the event too.

Mr Miguel Bernas also shared with us the idea behind TGIS:

TGIS was built on SingTel’s ambition to develop digital content that connects consumers to experiences that truly matter to them. With Season 2, SingTel continues to give viewers a fresh perspective on the latest technologies and gadgets, and how they can enhance their everyday lives. We believe TGIS fans will find the new episodes engaging, useful, and highly entertaining.

In addition to an exciting line-up of personalities and stories, viewers will be able to shape the episodes for Season Two in the coming weeks. Just visit SingTel’s YouTube page and comments on how the episodes will play out. Come show your creative juice.

The second episode of TGIS will go live on August 29, 2012.

For more information and updates on TGIS, please visit visit SingTel’s Facebook Page ( or YouTube page (

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