Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Facial Re-contouring at Prive Clinic

It is every woman's dream to look great and beautiful.

Do you feel lack of confidence about your look?

Do you want to look like superstar?

Today I will be sharing with you about facial re-contouring at Prive Clinic.

So what makes your beauty your own?

It's not about chasing trends or copying a celebrity's eyes, nose or lips. But it's about appreciating the overall balance of your own features and facial contours.

Brought Amanda along with me (: 
Both of us were interested in learning more about how fillers can re-contour our look.

Let me give you the background about Prive Clinic.

Prive Clinic is a renowned aesthetics clinic in Singapore who provide one-stop age management clinic in Singapore to help busy and stressed out individuals attain true beauty inside out. Equipped with a combination of knowledge, expertise and equipments with cutting edge technology, Privé clinic establishes its reputation as one of Singapore’s most trusted medical aesthetics brand.

Prive Clinic is known to be one of the outstanding medical clinics in Singapore that delivers excellent service for your skin, face and body in terms of laser technology, dermal fillers, slimming and age management programs with high satisfaction rate.

Guess what?

There will be a live demo of facial re-contour!! I'm feeling excited to see how the process will be like.

But before that, let the expert educates us on the difference between botox and fillers, lift and volume as well as how to achieve the ideal heart-shaped face effect!

Some of the FAQs on Radiesse Fillers:

Radiesse is the only dermal filler that can create a 3D lift while stimulating natural collagen production, for long-lasting, beautiful result.

Although the results are long-lasting but Radiesse is not a permanent filler. It is blodegraded and ,metabolized by the body through natural processes.

You may feel firmness at the injection site for a few days. Over time, the material will eventually be completely integrated and cannot be felt anymore. Radiesse treatment is relatively painless, but people experience pain differently. Your doctor will discuss anesthetic options with you to maximize your comfort.

Any side effects?

as with any dermal filler, you may experience some reaction to the injections. There may be mild swelling, pain, itching, bruising or discoloration, and sensitively to pain. This usually disappears after a few days.

And our first live demo model: Valerie Lim, Miss Singapore Universe 2011.

With Medical Director, Dr. Karen Soh, who is extensively trained in Botox, Pigment Lights, Dermal Fillers, Hair Removal, Lasers and Light therapies.

She was going to add some volume to Valerie's cheeks using Radiesse Fillers.

Omg, it was kinda of scary to look at how the needle went in. But not to worry, because Valerie could not feel the pain at all. Wow, that's really the amazing part.

End product - Beautiful Valerie.

Next is the lucky 2 attendees who get to experience the full make-over.
She got her chin and cheek done. She too, could not feel any pain. See, she was in her relaxing mode too.

The second attendee got her chin and nose fillers done. She too, didn't feel any pain when doing the nose filler. I always thought the nose area will be the most painful because I could feel the bone. But surprisingly, it is not the case (:

Though they did not look very big difference after the filler, but it definitely enhance their features

It was a fun learning experience with Vanessa and Amanda. The three of us were happily discussing on the part of our features to enhance on?

Do you wish to look best at every stages of your lives?

Visit Prive Clinic and consult the specialists who will help you to regain your confidence to face the society.

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