Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FrightFest 2012 @ Singapore Flyer

So what's up after the lunar seventh month?

If you think that it's gonna be a safe and sound month ahead, then you are wrong. 





The ghosts and spirits are creeping into the city district’s biggest Halloween extravaganza this October.

Are you ready for it?

Together with my group, we attended the media and bloggers preview of FrightFest 2012 at the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel, Singapore Flyer.

Get horrified this October at Singapore Flyer.

Following the success of the inaugural FrightFest last year, FrightFest 2012 @ Singapore Flyer returns as a three weeks long event. Read about my FrightFest 2011 here. 

Let me take you through my FrightFest journey and how we conquered the horrified experience:

Before entering the undead forest, we embarked on a ride up in the Singapore Flyer to soothe our souls and refresh our spirits. Be ready to confront your fears once we return to ground.

With GF, figuring out the equation.
If you think that our whole ride journey is mesmerizing cosmopolitan cityscape of the tropical Lion City, then you are wrong. We were given a math equation to solve and our final answer has to be 13.

And yes, I managed to solve the equation and saved everyone from doing forfeit. First time in my life, I think that I am a genius (:

With my partner - Jasmine.

Night view of panoramic sights of Singapore, offering the whole view of Marina Bay.

We were reaching the peak of the Giant Observation Wheel 165 metres above the ground.

With Andrew.

With botak Terence.

With the girls ♥♥

With HP.

With DK.

Our Flyer ride has ended, it's time to start our next journey with a wander through The Undead Forest and experienced the movie-themed Halloween. We were being warned that we could come face-to-face with Asian and Western characters inspired from popular horror movies.

Follow me to find out what lurks inside the award-winning rainforest beneath the Singapore Flyer, as we wander through winding paths, caves, waterfalls and lush vegetation:

Upon entering, we were being welcome by 牛头马面(BULL HEAD HORSE FACE).

They were known as the Guards of the Gate to Hell.
Don't be afraid of them when you walked past unless..... you have committed serious sins because they will chain you up.

Offerings for the dead is a Chinese tradition made to the deceased relatives. So please show some respect when you walked past.

The blind ah pek went around and asked: "Where are my eye balls?"

Gawd!!!! His eye balls were held in his hands. 
Please don't show it to me.

"Help me to find the way home!!!!"

If you are me, will you help him?

Do you find this eerie scene familiar?

Dark Water

If you think that the little girl will let you cross the path easily, then you are wrong. 

She will grabbed you by the hand and blocked your pathway.
My legs trembled upon her bloody stare.

Arghhhhhhhhhh, the maid!!!!!

The fierce-looking maid was back for revenge. 
No, it's not me who murder you. Please don't find me as substitute!

A mi tuo fo 阿弥陀佛.

She was throwing temper tantrums, wanting all the attention from the passers-by.

The chinese lantern indicated that someone has just passed away.
Oops, please forgive us for trespassing. 

Alert! Alert!
Who's that crawling towards us?

it's Sadako from The Ring.

A shiver went down by spine at the scene of this. 
Omg, I must stay strong and complete the path.

Standing besides the masked crew to camouflage myself from Sadako's chase.

The Coffin and the pregnant woman. 

She was walking so near to me and demanded me to give her back her baby.

Nooooo, I am not the culprit.

Yes, I need all form of protection.


She was rolling back and fro, making weird noises, and forbid us from crossing.
We had to try so hard to calm her down before she would let us cross over.

GF and I were being stopped by Jason and Freddy.
What do you want from me?

Argh, I have reached the zombie land. Caught sight of the rocker zombie.

Indeed a rocker zombie. She was so hyper in trying to scare away - see her wide smile.

Terence and I met Bai Wu Chang 白无常.
There is a saying that this Chinese hell guard will only appears when the victim’stime is up. Ermmm, so who is the victim?

Woooo, feeling so relieved now. We had conquered our fear and completed the journey of undead forest.
We had all survived from the horrify encounter.

Get treated to the eye mocktail to calm your racing hearts.

Gathered at the lounge for some refreshments and mingling around with media and bloggers.

Even the ghosts and spirits from the undead forest came to join us for the refreshment too.

You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
Ella ella, ay ay ay
Under my umbrella

Me and the maid were now close enough to share an umbrella. But then the umbrella seems a bit small. This brought me to the next hokkien song - One small umbrella 一支小雨伞

Still looking scary as ever.

See how I was being haunt by all the undead.

Erm, playing with Sadako's long hair.

Rocker zombie and I loved Gangnam Style.

A scary, fun and memorable experience.
Our group totally enjoyed it.

Come and experience it too.

Halloween enthusiasts wanting to get in line to experience FrightFest 2012 @ Singapore Flyer can now purchase tickets. Launched ahead of schedule, early bird packages are now available at www.singaporeflyer.com or at Singapore Flyer’s ticketing counters.

FrightFest 2012 begins to haunt on 12 – 14, 19 – 21 and 26 – 28 October 2012. Choose between the FrightFest Value Pack, which will send shivers down your spine at The Undead Forest, then a respiteful flight up the Flyer. For the strong-hearted, go all out with just admission to The Undead Forest. Earlybird prices start from $18. Guests can come decked out in their favourite Halloweencostumes and be singled out to win attractive prizes.

Terms & Conditions

FrightFest @ Singapore Flyer may not be suitable for children, pregnant women, persons with medical conditions and some audience, such as, the faint-hearted, the timid, the scaredy-cats, the weak and others. Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd will not be responsible for any nightmares, ailments, mishaps and/ or trauma sustained during or after the event. Be warned: Enter at your own risk!

For more information, please visit www.singaporeflyer.com

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