Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy 73th Birthday to Granny

It's Granny's birthday next week. As her birthday falls on Thursday, we decided to celebrate her birthday in advance where everybody will be able to make it for a dinner gathering.

We booked a V.I.P. room at Boon Lay Raja Restaurant where we had a private room with 2 tables and karaoke set to ourselves. Haha.. I got myself fascinated with the karaoke set. Practically the whole night I was helping my uncles to select their generation songs as well as playing those songs that I enjoyed.


Food was finally here. Enough talk, it's time to makan:

Cold dish combination. 

Shark's Fin Soup with sea treasures and dried sliced scallop.
This was awesome and it's like a must have dish for our family gathering.

Roasted chicken with assorted fresh fruits.
I aimed more for the fruits instead of the chicken. Must go for the healthier choice. Lol.

Steamed Red Snapper in Hong Kong Style.
The red snapper is really fresh and appealing. Helping myself with more.

What I love about eating crab is to dip the bun into the yummy sauce.

Cereal prawn.
Love it especially the cereal. So nice to eat it just like that.

Fried noodle with sliced meat.

Wow, my ah ma loved durian cake.

Last but not least, I want to wish my grandma a happy birthday.
You are the pillar of our family, you keep our family bond together.
May you stay happy and healthy always.

With loves.

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