Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Post-A-Card" Launch Party At Butter Factory

Wow, it's been more than a month since I last went to a club!!! That was like super long ago.
Hmmm, I ought to give myself a break and learn to relax a bit more. Yes, I need to adjust my body clock back.

So where to chill out on a Saturday night?

My group were at Butter Factory.
Little did you know, this was actually my first time here at Buttery Factory.

It's time to celebrate the humble postcard’s comeback.

Singapore Post has launched “Post-a-Card”. 
A new free mobile application on iPhone and Android that allows consumers to send picture-perfect postcards from and to anywhere in the world from their smartphones.

Have you downloaded it?

We had a group photo with the large sized poster.

Party mode turned on with Linda.

Let's toast our night away and sway with the music.

Haven been seeing her for a long time. Miss you, gal. And thanks for the lovely D.I.Y birthday gift, I love it very much (:

The party was hosted by Jade Seah, Mediacorp Artiste. 

Our group took a photo with Jade Seah.

She was so pretty. Argh, I felt inferior standing next to her -_-

With my lovely GF - Ladies in black ♥

See how big our group has become. 
I simply love party-ing with the crowds.

We love night-life!

Oops, we were caught in stomp. Thanks stomp for the great photo taken.

Camwhoring mode turned on.

We loved taking photos because photos are memories that will last forever.

We are young
So let's set the world on fire

With the mischievous Tai Zheng who never to disturb us when taking photos.
Salute ~

With the little brother - Yu Hao

With William who came to meet us after his work.

With Andrew whom I have not seen for a month. Miss him too.

That concluded my awesome night. It was a great gathering and catching up with the clique. Let's catch up really soon again.

Good night ~


  1. Hi. I don't think you should feel inferior standing beside Jade. You have your share of good features too. Just get a little help in your makeup and I'd say you're good to go!

  2. Hi Annoymous, thanks for the lovely comment, will keep that in mind (:



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