Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing & Soothing Mask

It's time for mask again!!!
Putting on facial sheet masks had already become my weekly routine. Regular use of sheet masks have improved my skin condition, I love how it always leave my skin feeling moisturized and hydrated.

Today I will share my review on Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing & Soothing Mask:

Benefits of Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing & Soothing Mask:

Rapidly helps to improve skin clarity and deep moisturizing with soymilk enzymes.

Rich in soy isoflavones, Natto helps to prevent aging. The unique enzyme and vitamin C derivatives help to improve skin clarity while synergized organic hydrosols gently cleanses off impurities - bringing back the soft tender-touch skin of your dream.

One thing I love about Lovemore masks is Super 4 Upgrade:

More Hydrating - Patented SYN® HYCAN
Enriched with SYN® HYCAN, giving a better moisturizing effect than Hyaluronic acid!

Best Fitting - Japan Soft Mask
0.02mm featherly soft mask, with skin-friendly ergonomic cut to have a better fit on skin!

Intense Moisture - Microemulsions
Essences are break down to smaller molecules better absorption - skin are healthier and brighter.

Deep penetration - Zero Osmotic Pressure
Increase the asborbability, 5x more efficient than normal skin care. Effortlessly pamper your skin.

Time to test it out for myself.
Remember to cleanse your face first before putting on the mask.

The envelope design mask caught my attention, it's so unique right?

Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes.
After which, removed the mask and gently pat your face to assist absorption. Excess essence may be massaged onto neck.

My review:

Upon putting on the mask, I could already scent the soy milk fragrance.
My skin definitely felt hydrated and clean after the mask. Not only that, my skin was glow with radiance. I love the goodness in it. My skin still maintain the hydration till the next morning ad also less oily.

Pampered your skin with Lovemore masks.
You can purchase your Lovemore masks at $8.90 at Secretive and Watsons.

Lovemore is now currently giving away free sample of masks, redeem your choice of Lovemore mask at

For more information, please visit 

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