Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Formula 1 (F1) Singtel Singapore Grand Prix

You know what?

Asia's biggest sporting and entertainment extravaganza is back with a power-packed lineup of international headliners, stunning productions and rock night parades, all within F1 circuit park.

The whole of Marina was crowded with people. F1 really had drawn many people here, even when I was in MRT, I could see many people were already wearing F1 tag.

Join in the queue for bag check to gain entry.

Locating our destination at the signboard.

To the left, to the left, we were heading to Padang Grandstands to catch Formula One third practice session.

Antique cars for exhibition.

With GF experiencing F1 for our very first time. 
Let's join in the buzzing crowds.

Here at Singtel's booth, Singtel is the title sponsor of the Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix.
Here to show support.

Awww, I missed Jay Chou's concert last night. 
Who went for it???

Just in time for the practice session.

Omg, when the first race car passed by, the sound was deafening and I could feel the vibration in my ears. I quickly took out my ear piece to protect my ears. A must have item - Ear Plug.

Didn't took much pictures in the circuit because the racing car was simply too fast to be capture. This was how it looked like. 
Fast and furious right?

It reminded me of those times when I was playing car racing in arcade. 

Captured a video to show you guys how the circuit looked like.

Padang Grandstand offers a great view of the cars exiting Turn 9 and racing shoulder to shoulder at about 240km/hr along St Andrew's Road. The Grandstand is also next to the concert stage where Maroon 5 will be performing. 

That's great. We can go down straight for the concert after the race.

End of practice session, headed down to catch some performances.

Excitement and anticipation filled the air.
Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

Another main highlight of F1 was the outdoor concert with the international artistes.

First up was Bananarama from UK.

Throughout the span of their 30 year career Bananarama has sold over 30 million records and released 10 albums. This monumental feat has got them listed in the Guinness World Records as the female group with the most chart hit singles of all time.

Back to the circuit for the qualifying round.
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes came in first position.

Will Lewis be able to sustain his performance for tomorrow final round too?

HP and GF had a bet on the winner. Let's see who will win tomorrow?

HP vote: Lewis Hamilton - McLaren-Mercedes
GF vote: Fernando - Alonso Ferrari

Initially, I wanted to vote Sebastian Vettel - Red Bull Racing-Renault. 
But I think I better be the judge.

With HP, Ying Zi, GF and me.

HP and I stayed up for Maroon 5's concert which would start at 11pm. Aww, one hour of buffered time.

Oh yes, Maroon 5 was here after a long wait.

And Maroon 5 kickstart the concert with my favourite song - Payphone.

I'm at a payphone trying to call home 
All of my change I spent on you 
Where have the times gone 
Baby it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two?

Besides that, the band also brought us a lot of familiar songs - Won't Go Home Without You, Makes Me Wonder, Wake Up Call, She Will Be Loved and etc.

They were the reason why the sea of crowds were still here at midnight.

It was a great Saturday night at Formula 1 (F1) Singtel Singapore Grand Prix. A great experience of the circuit race and entertaining concert with Maroon 5.

F1, See you next year.

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