Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deadly Ever After - A Haunted Trail Extravaganza @ Sentosa

I am ready for yet another haunted trail.
Halloween season is here, come experience the haunted trail and have a good scare.

Thanks GF for bringing me to Deadly Ever After haunted trail that will mortify the bravest of hearts and leave all guests stamped with the indelible mark of fear. Presenting only the best elements of Asian horror combining old Chinese superstitions and the wrath of a Chinese ghost, the trail is definitely not for the faint hearted.

A first time collaboration between Sentosa 4D Magix and Singapore Cable Car. Starting from the entrance of Sentosa 4D Magix, and ending off at the Singapore Cable Car museum, the 288m trail unfolds a story for guests to discover the horrors of a match made in hell where an innocent young lady, Ah Ling, was forced into a Chinese ghost marriage with a dead man. When it was later found that Ah Ling was mysteriously pregnant with the child of her dead husband, she went insane and the real haunting journey starts.

We boarded the cable car at HarbourFront Tower 2 to Imbiah Stateion @ Sentosa.
I went wild with excitement. This was my first time taking the cable car in Singapore.

Angry Birds theme cable car. Let's on board the World's First Angry Birds Cable Cars.

We had Angry Birds plush toy companion throughout our ride.

Singapore Cable Car offers a spectacular view of Singapore's city skyline, the harbour, and Sentosa within the cabin’s 360° panoramic windows - making it the best ride with the best view to Sentosa.

GF and I totally enjoyed the cable car ride. We enjoyed the comfort and night scenery.

Arriving at Imbiah Station with Xinyan, Evalee, GF and me.

Goodbye Angry Birds. 

"Deadly Ever After" will play out at Sentosa’s Imbiah lookout, and the sets will see a spooky transformation of Sentosa 4D Magix’s theatre and the Singapore Cable Car Museum. The haunted trail depicts the journey of a ghost marriage and tells a frightening tale of two souls shackled by fate and vengeance.

Wandering spirits were roaming around Sentosa 4D Magix looking for their next target.
Oops, is she looking at me?

Er, hopefully not.

Say hello to the brave ones. We can't wait for the trail.

Let's queue up for the trail.

The bloody girl in pyjamas was roaming around the place aimlessly.
She let out the hissing sound when I kept staring at her bloody teddy bear. She would be angry if you snatch out her teddy bear, better don't provoke her or you shall bear the consequences.

Oh gosh, confronted by mad doctor.

"Give me your life!"

Took a photo with the lady in red cheongsam. 
All of us were guessing, is she Ah Ling, the lady who was forced into Chinese ghost marriage?

Er, but shouldn't she be inside the 4D Magix preparing for her marriage?

While waiting for our turn, we kept hearing the procedures going on in Chinese wedding: 

夫妻对拜 (husband and wife bow to each other).

That's eerie.

Beware! I was about to enter together with GF, Zerika, Shannon, Evalee and Xinyan.

Set in the 1970's, the "Deadly Ever After" haunted trail will feature different rooms of terror that will allow thrill-seekers to walk the horrifying story trail of Ah Ling. The story started out at a haunted funeral home of Xiao Ming, Ah Ling's dead husband.

Argh, the photo was a scary one.

Next scene, we arrived at the ghostly marriage ceremony.
The matchmaker chased all of us away and calmed Ah Ling down, she didn't want to marry the dead man.

We stopped by Tan Sen Hospital (等死).
No, I wouldn't want to be here.

At the surgery theatre, they were going to remove her baby!!!

They were other fright rooms as well.

Marriage is a journey that leads to kinship and eternal bliss.
Marriage to the dead? Not so much.


We survived through the haunted trail. Though some parts of the scenes were scary but I was actually laughing throughout the whole trail. Shannon was really funny, he was the only one that was screaming away at every station that we went. He claimed that he wanted to scare them before they scare him. Lol. He had set a relaxing climate for all of us.

For all horror enthusiasts, the “Deadly Ever After” haunted trail is not to be missed.
Experience this chilling tale of Asian horror, if you dare. Book now!

"Deadly Ever After" is a five-day event which will run from Oct 19 - 20 and Oct 26-28 from 7PM to 11PM.

 The "Deadly Ever After" Haunted Trail offers the following: 

• Premium Package Tickets includes: 
- 1-way Singapore Cable Car Ride 
- Admission to Haunted Trail 
Price: $28 per person 

• Haunted Trail Basic Ticket (w/o Cable Car ride): $17 

* This event is not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Buffet were awaiting us at Singapore Cable Car Museum. 
After a night of queuing and overcoming our fear, we were all super hungry by then.

Dining with this little devil staring at us.

What I had for dinner.

Cable car of the older days.

Deadly Ever After is something you should not miss.

Come witness the reunion of Ah Ling and Xiao Ming at the "Deadly Ever After" Haunted Trail!

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