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Sentosa Spooktacular 2012 Media Preview

We are now in the month of October, the month of Halloween.

the dead spirits will be back to move among the living.
It's time to raise your goosebumps and experience the spine-chilling journey during Halloween.

Together with my bold companion - Qian Hui, we challenged to conquer the horror trails at Sentosa Spooktacular.

Sentosa Spooktacular is set to scare the living daylights out of thrill-seekers with iconic ghouls of the Asian folklore, making it Singapore’s largest Asian horror fest.

For the first time in Singapore’s Halloween history, Fort Siloso is being used as Sentosa Spooktacular 2012’s designated venue. Urban legends and its rich historical background has given Fort Siloso its rift reputation as a haunting ground for paranormal sightings. According to urban folklore, the island's dark history of battles and death has generated stories of Asian ghouls seen wandering around Fort Siloso's tunnels and colonial buildings.
 Its horror trails will challenge patrons to walk the fine line between myth and reality as these 200 spirits will meet with daredevil visitors at Sentosa Spooktacular’s Horror Trails: Ouija Board, Camp Berhantu, Deadly Doll Studio, The Land of Lost Souls as well as The Last Sequel, to retell their hair-raising accounts of bloody murders, painful tortures and tragic deaths.

History of Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso was built in the early 1880s to aid in protecting the port. It was part of Singapore's coastal defence in Blakang Mati.

During World War II, Fort Siloso served the Japanese as a Prisoners Of War Camp until the end of the war. British and Australian soldiers captured by the Japanese were thrown into the prison and tortured. Suspected rebels and supporters of anti-Japanese activities were brutally and mercilessly killed. Most of them were Chinese, they were rounded up and lined up against the beach of Pulau Blakang Mati and were shot and bayonette to death.

Arriving at the entrance of Sentosa Spooktacular, the pathway to Netherworld began right from here.

Take a deep breath and brace myself through it.

Skeletons could be seen all over the place. A total of 450 skeletons and skulls were involved in Spooktacular 2012.

Erm, why was everyone giving me the deadly stare?

Is she the getai singer from the movie 881?

Passing by Meng Po Pavilion.

Patrons who have the urge to quench their thirst can purchase Meng Po Magic Tea from the Pavilion.

Why did Meng Po Pavilion had bloody skeleton and broken hand found in their store?

Erm, it's not the right time for me to drink the tea yet. I better move on to prevent being the next target.

Sir! Yes sir!

Found this dead soldier wandering in the middle of the street. He was suspected to have served as a soldier in World War II.

Meet the ghost bride, her look was pretty scary. 
Oh no, I think I will have sleepless toss tonight.

Who are ghost brides?
Ghost brides are either a living woman engaged to a dead fiance, or a dead woman whose bones are offered to a living man as a bride.

Already feeling scared, this was just the beginning. We had yet to enter the 5 horror trails.

My first time here at Fort Siloso in the night. It was usually closes at 6pm.
Exciting or not?

Trail 1: Camp Berhantu.

Watch the paranormal proceedings at the ghastly barracks as the ghost of a restless recruit re-enacts his fire mishap every Thursday night — when spirits are at their most rowdy, according to Malay beliefs. Smell the acrid stench of kerosene and burnt alloy; hear the sounds of frantic pounding and unearthly shrieks as the recruit is burnt “alive” for the umpteenth time. Be on your guard there — unappeased with killing his bunkmates in revenge, he might take it out on you. Then, you shall stay with him for eternity


To me, the first stop is always the scariest because you have no idea what to expect in it. The darkness in it left you feeling helpless.

Trail 2: The Land of Lost Souls

Get on board Sawadee Airlines to the desolated Dwng Wiyyan. 
Surrounding the island are tormented spirits with unfinished business binding them to this world. You best pray you have the “third eye” to see the wraiths, or you’ll never be able to dodge their deadly clutches. Are you fast enough to escape and make a return trip from the lifeless land?

Had a tough fight with Ong Bak.

Survived through the lifeless land and we passed by the cemetery. 

Eerie smoke were brewing the whole of Fort Siloso.
Can you handle this?

We had a short break at the Japanese Army Canteen who sell the large pot of Meng Po Tang again.
Purchase one of their magic tea.

We had seen Gangnam Style performed by Psy. But how about Gangnam Style by the dead soldier, ghost bride and chinese vampire Jiang Shi?

It's really one of its kind. You cannot miss it.

Trail 3: The Last Sequel

Always wished you could write your destiny? Hear the morbid story of an ill-fated author and you will drop the idea. The wretched man continues to be stricken by horrific events that seem to follow his novels to the letter — grisly pieces of his sister sent to him in a crate, his wife found gruesomely murdered and hanged in a walk-in freezer. Come see how the nightmarish plot unfolds, but first: prepare your death note.

Japanese ghost in their traditional costume.

還珠格格 also joined in the horror trail??

That's how the patrolling police looked like when he was on duty for Spooktacular.

Thanks for the invitation. With the media pass, we were able to experience the trails without queuing. It acted like an express pass.

Trail 4: Deadly Doll Studio

Afraid of dolls? You should be! Visitors of this doll studio swear the deadpan eyes of the creepy creations seem to follow them; some even claim to have witnessed them move on their own. So lifelike in appearance, people now suspect real human parts were used. Have you got the guts to spy on the uncanny doll maker to discover the secret behind her craft? Beware; you might end up being the horrific face of her next exhibit, as they say she will not stop until she makes the “perfect doll”.

Spotted a roaming spirit, look at the camera over here!

Got a scare by her. When I was walking past, she was hiding above me, stuck her head and hand out, and ask me to be careful.

So many missing one. Did you spot any of them?

Trail 5: Ouija Board

Responsible for burying prisoners-of-war during WW2, the caretaker used to live in the dilapidated house atop Mount Siloso before he was also tortured to death by the soldiers. The abode became the favourite haunt of occultists for dark rituals, and the anguished spirits were summoned for Ouija readings. But no one dares visit after one such unholy pilgrimage went wrong, and the inquisitors vanished mysteriously. If you’re dying to know what happened, come ask the spectres yourself — but don’t get spirited away!

The cleaner was sweeping the floor lifelessly.

"One more glance and I will make sure you are chopped into pieces."

Oops, I seemed to have wrongly stepped into her house.

Tik Tok! Tik Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

Omg, whose head does it belongs to????

A gruesome' scene of the older days' kitchen.

Oh man, whose tomb had we passed by. Was somebody crawling out from the coffin?

Oh yes, I proud to say that I had completed the five horror trails.

Do you have what it takes to survive five fright-filled trails of haunted souls? 

This Halloween, Fort Siloso will be teeming with ghoulish goings-on as the most desperate, tortured and vengeful spirits rise to feed off the frenzied terror.

For the super-enthusiastic, Halloween begins immediately on the Sentosa Spooktacular website ( and Facebook page (, where fear-enthusiasts can familiarize themselves with Spooktacular’s Horror Trails, ghostly ambassadors and videos. 

Limited early-bird tickets are also available for purchase on the website.

Dates: 19 & 20 October, 26 & 28 October 2012

Time: 7.00pm - 11.00pm (Last entry into Fort Siloso at 10pm) 

Venue: Fort Siloso

 Prices of tickets: 
Standard Rate - $48 (All dates) 
Student Rate - $28 (Limited tickets valid for 19 & 20 Oct)
Sentosa Islander will enjoy a 15% off (All dates; limited to 4 tickets per card. Not valid on event day)
Kia Gui 'Afraid of Ghost' Pass - $10 (Admission to Fort Siloso only, no admission to haunted trails.) 
Fast Pass - $25 (not inclusive of event admission tickets) 

Not suitable for children aged 12 years and below.

Bid goodbye to Spooktacular.

Thanks Sentosa for the great effort done. It was an immersive horror and fun experience, I totally enjoyed it. I have a memorable Halloween experience. How about you?

Sentosa Spooktacular now officially invites all to come play, if they dare.


  1. Some of them are really very scary.

  2. Hey Luporti,

    Which one scare you the most? Any halloween plan for you?



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