Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrating Claire's Birthday at 2fifteen Kitchen

Happy birthday, Claire!
May this day always be a special one for you to remember.

Together with GF and William, we made our way down to 2fifteen Kitchen @ Rochester Mall for Claire's birthday celebration. It took us quite a while to locate the place as we were all not familiar with the place. 

2fifteen Kitchen is actually a walking distance from Buona Vista MRT station. It is tucked in a cosy corner on Level 2 of Rochester Mall.

Thanks Claire for having us at your birthday celebration.

Thanks Claire for the photo. We had lots of fun playing at the photo booth.

Playing around with Joey's mustache sunglass, so cool right? 

From left to right: GF, me, Angie, William, Clarie and Joey.

The dinner was prepared by Chef Kenny Yeo, who has more than 20 years of experience. Chef Kenny has helmed French kitchens of renowned restaurants such as JQ Concepts Pte Ltd in Taipei, Pine Tree Town and Country Club in Singapore.

Our starter: Bread with Olive Oil
The bread were being placed in a lovely setting.

Claire had gotten us the tenderly bake bite-sized Lava Cakes from Smoulder. Each box came with 3 different flavours.

There were a total of 9 unique flavours. I have tried the white chocolate lemon flavour. The Lava Cakes are all carefully handmade with premium ingredients and no preservatives.

The warm and moist with hot molten centres left us wanting for more.

Okay, we gonna began our dinner proper.

First dish up, Hot seared Duo Watermelon with Foie Gras, Basil Oil and Feta Cheese.

This was such a unique combination, with fruits and cheese being served together with Foie Gras. We were told to take a little of everything and put into our mouth together. And it tasted heavenly good, thumb up! The liver was incredibly silky and it melted in my mouth.

Carrot Puree soup with Clam jam.

Another unique dish. This was my first time trying and it tasted good.
It's one of the best carrot soup that I had tried so far.

Prawn Capellini with Aromatic Oil.

The presentation of the dish looked really great. I loved the freshness of the prawns together with the yummy noodles. 

Confit of Salmon Roulade with Soft Herbs, Wild Rice, Hazelnut Oil and Poultry Jus.

This was one of my favourite dish. The salmon was well-cooked and tender. Finished it in one mouth. 

The trio dessert platter.

The dessert platter was made up of Bean-curd Cheesecake, Oven-baked Granny Smith Green Apples with Vanilla Ice cream and a Cherry Tart with Pistachio Nuts.

Dessert is always my soft spot. 

Perhaps it's because I am always feeling stressed:

DESSERTS = STRESSED (mirror-reflection)

Lol, I'm just joking.

James, GF and I.
In between while waiting for our food, we played some games. It was mad hilarious and fun. William was the joke of the night, he really made our day (:

A group photo with the birthday gal.

Wow, take a look at Claire's birthday candles. So cool right?

The neverending sparkles. She would had a hard time blowing it off.

"May you stay pretty and happy forever (:"

Each and everyone of us got a portion of the cake.

GF and I were playing with Claire's balloon. We loved the colour combination of the balloons. So matching and sweet.

If you think our dinner was going to end here, then you re wrong. 


We are young 
So let's set the world on fire 
We can burn brighter than the sun.

The sparklers brought back memories of my childhood life where during every festive seasons, we would always go crazy with sparklers.

Somehow I felt like we were like filming for Harry Potter.
Do our photo look like we are performing some kind of spells?

Multi hands with sparklers.

Look out, celebrity in the house.

Before I end my post, I will like to thank Claire again for inviting me to your birthday celebration. She has been a great host and planner. We hope that you have a memorable and blast birthday ♥

May your dreams come true (:

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