Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dejavu Beauty Workshop @ CozyCot

The renowned Japanese brand, Dejavu, is back again with awesome new products.

Are you excited about it?


Well, I was so excited about the new products. Dejavu is one of my favourite cosmetics brand, I have used before their eyeliner, it is easy to draw and it does not smudge. 

I can't wait to try them out.

So what are the new products that Dejavu is launching:

- Dejavu Lash Serum
- Dejavu Control Serum
- Dejavu Mini Pact (2 shades)

I attended Dejavu workshop together with GF at CozyCot retail store which is located at Orchard Central.

Let's take a look at Dejavu's range of products.

Dejavu is the best selling FIBERWIG in Singapore.

Fiberwig Extra Long 
It is also known as paint-on false lashes. 
Paint-on false lashes is a false eyelash formula applied like mascara and forming film that encapsulates lashes.

The new products on shelves.

Lash Serum
Prevent eyelash damage.
Everyday care will improve the effects of makeup, with longer, thicker eyelashes. 

Control Serum
De-oiling beauty skin
Use as a makeup base.
Absorbs excess skin oils to prevent make-up run and stickiness.

 Makeup retouching & refreshing powder is the optimum formula to apply over faded makeup for an instantly reset, morning-fresh look.

My favourite corner. Eye's makeup always got me fascinated ~

Lasting-fine RN
It resists oil, swear and tears which can cause Panda-Eyes. 
It creates long wearing rub resistant finish.

Perfect Liner
Changes to a water-repellent film which guards the highly defined, glossy, jet black lines against oil, sweat and rubbing. 
\The moderately supple ultra thin felt tip enables smooth application

Lash Knockout
The thick, deep black film volumizes each lash to the tip with no gaps. 
The formula dries fast, so volume can be quickly and easily increased.

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner
Wow, this is really a all in one product:
- can be used as our daily mask pack.
- use as face and body mist.
- increase moisture level.
- smoothen skin after sunburn.

Before we proceed with the makeup demonstration, Jeraldine the different types of dejavu products and how to go about using it.

The makeup artiste used the quick-dry formula from PERFECT LIQUID LINER on the model, no waiting time needed.

To show us the contrast, only the right hand side of her face is applied with makeup. 

After applying the eyeliner, next was to use FIBERWIG EXTRA LONG for extension of the lashes. It is simple to use and will not cause any smudge. The firm can be easily slide off with warm water.
You can also use a cotton swab to cleanly wipe the formula from unwanted areas such as on the skin around the eye.

Aww, she is so pretty and cute. Don't you agree?

The end result.
Wow, her right eye definitely looked much more bigger and brighter with the makeup. 

Thanks Dejavu for the fabulous door gift. 
Do you want to know what is inside???

I will be doing a review on these products. Stay tuned to it (:

Also, Dejavu will be having a contest.
Simply upload a picture of your "before and after look" using Dejavu products to Dejavu Facebook and you will stand a chance to win $150 worth of Dejavu products.

Contest ends on 25 December 2012. 

Good luck, everyone!

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