Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Singtel Loop & Meet launch Party‏

So whatzup on a Wednesday night?

I'm looking forward to a night of fun and entertainment in k-pop styled.

Were you guys at Butter Factory for the party too?
Did you guys download the Loop & Meet application to score your invite? 

Arriving at the party with a group of friends.

SingTel just launched a new mobile app, Loop & Meet. This app allows users to discover fun things to do and even organise outings with friends. It also enables the mobile users to send event invitations quickly and easily, and track responses without having to sort through dozens of email and text messages.

With Loop & Meet, users can browse through hundreds of events that are refreshed daily from These events have been categorised for easy browsing: movies, music, leisure, night out, arts, festivals and family. The app has made things become so convenient now, you can get the information you want in just a few clicks.

How is this app differ from creating facebook event?

The service allows users to invite their friends via SMS or email. Recipients can then use the SMS and web platforms to confirm attendance and chat with registered users, even if they have not installed the app. Loop & Meet will help to track the responses and send invitees reminders if they do not respond. This will make it easier for all users to keep track of the full event itinerary, time, place and attendees.

This app will come in handy to us. We can use it for setting our gathering date, especially if we have a big group.

Loop & Meet is available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. For more information, please visit

Time for a drink. 
I had Asahi Beer, wow, it tasted refreshing good.

I had a great time with my girls. 

We were enjoying our drinks and all the familiar k-pop songs.
It was so rare that club played kpop songs throughout. Yeah, we enjoyed it.

And the best part came. The four of us (William, GF, me and Yuhao) were being selected up on the dance floor to party and groove to 2NE1 tunes. And the best dancer will win a pair of their concert tickets!!!

Credits Loop & Meet Facebook for the photo.

William was enjoying his free style dance. 
Aww, hate that we were still sober. We should drink more before heading to the dance floor.

Credits Loop & Meet Facebook for the photo.

Credits Loop & Meet Facebook for the photo.

Put your hands up. 
William did not make it to the final round. If this was 2pm contest, William would sure win....... because "Put your hands up, Put your Hands Up.

Nevertheless, we still had a great experience at the dance floor.

With Mag jie. She is a k-pop lover.
Yeah, I love how my friends always shared the same common interest as me.

Credits Loop & Meet Facebook for the photo.

Yeah, our group need more drinks!!! 

Credits Loop & Meet Facebook for the photo.

Thanks Singtel for putting up this wonderful k-pop wave party for all of us. Though we did not managed to win 2NE1 concert tickets, but we still had fun at the party.

To find out more, please visit



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