Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Golden Village's multiplex @ City Square

Regardless whether you are a student or working adult, weekend is always the period where everybody is looking forward to.

I am no exception. Weekend is the time to catch up with friends.

I met up with Grace on a Saturday evening to check out the new Golden Village multiplex at City Square Mall.

Singapore’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Village (GV) has launched its 11th cinema @ City Square. Showcasing the next generation cinema, GV City Square features cutting-edge technologies that will enhance the film going experience and empower audiences.

Gonna catch one of the latest movies I had been waiting for:

Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2

The last episode of Twilight Saga.


As we were there early, we went to have our dinner and also to walk around the mall. 

Guess who we met over there???

The cast for Ah Boys To Men were here at City Square Mall to promote their movie.

And the boys sang us Ah Boys to Men's theme song.
This song is super nice, I love it very much.
You should go watch the movie too, I am sure you will love it.


GV City Square was located at the fifth level of the mall.

The brand-new GV multiplex will house six cinema auditoriums with a total seating capacity of 1082, of which one auditorium will be a unique and intimate 42-seater ‘Couple’s Cinema’ where pairs of cinema seats are situated a distance away from one another, allowing couples to cosy up to each other in their personal private space. Tickets are also sold in pairs. I am sure this will attract many couples to experience the ‘Couple’s Cinema’.

We lived in a digital world where everything goes "i".

Following the opening of GV City Square, Golden Village will be re-launching an enhanced version of iGV – Golden Village’s mobile-ticketing application. With this app, moviegoers who book tickets through iGV can make confirmed credit card payments as well.

GV City Square is also coming up with a new campaign “I RUN THE CINEMA @ GV CITY SQUARE”. This campaign allows patrons the opportunity to take control of their movie-outing. From choosing the movie title to be screened, personalizing their movie snack pack ($8.50 for 2 items) to having the option of paying less (as low as $5) when they book tickets early.

It was a great experience watching the movie at the newly opened GV. Each of the rows have ample room where you have space to stretch your legs out. Not only that, the digital screens was crystal-clear and has great sound system. It enhanced on my experience of watching a movie. I felt so comfortable sitting down there and staring at the big screen.

Breaking Dawn part 2 was great. 
Movie rating: 3.5/5

We had again come to the end of the whole series of Twilight. Catch the movie to find out more about how Bella adapt her new vampire life and playing her role as young mother., and also how vampire and werewolves teamed up to chase away the ancient vampires.


  1. I was seeing some of my friends are posting that they like this movie so much.

  2. @Luporti: Yes, it is nice. I finally all the books and movie (:



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