Friday, October 5, 2012

Women's Fashion Week: VIP FASHION NIGHT‏

Hurray, it's Friday again. 
I can't emphasized how much I love and treasure my weekend.

It's time to relax and rejuvenate.

On Friday night, I had a great gathering with my close friends. Met up with them at Marina Bay Sands for a dinner before attending Women's Fashion Week. Attended Men's Fashion Week 6 several months ago, how can I miss out on Women's Fashion Week, right?

Taking a look at some of the designs from international fashion labels.
Do you like the collection from haute couture house On Aura Tout Vu?

Thanks Jasmine for the group photo of the three of us.

I loved attending fashion show because I enjoyed looking at the handsome and beautiful models as well as the latest trends in town.

The jacket from Adidas Original was cute and funky.

It's Benedict Goh, the former actor, he was the host for the fashion night.

He was still as good looking as ever. 

They were one of the designers. 

Spotted my eye candy. 
Do you want to make a guess who he is???

Yeah, that's the way. Look at my camera (:

That's the end of the collection.

It was indeed a great gathering with my awesome friends. Thanks Stanley for the photo (:
See you guys soon again.

Just when we stepped out of MBS, we caught a beautiful sight: The largest light and water show in Southeast Asia. We immersed ourselves in the stunning light and music. 

A wonderful showcase to end my Friday night.

Time is getting late, it's a signal for me to end my post here.
Good night everyone. Enjoy your weekend (:



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