Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Label.m Professional Haircare

My hair is always caught in a desperate mess. It is dry and frizzy.
How can I get rid of this bad condition?

I think I need professional haircare to keep my hair in top condition and healthy looking.

And label.m came to the rescue.

About label.m
label.m is an award winning fashion-inspired haircare range developed by professional stylists under the creative eye of a dynamic international artistic team led by Toni & Sacha Mascolo, it combines hairdressing and formulations expertise to provide hair styling at its best.

Conceived in salon, label.m is loved by professionals and customers across the globe. 

The first prep stage to healthy glowing hair:

Clarify, nourish, repair and maintain our hair with label.m Gentle Cleansing Shampoo.

label.m Gentle Cleansing Shampoo cleanses our hair effectively and rebalances the moisture. It contains Enviroshield Complex that gives uber-shine to our hair and, protect our har against heat-styling and UV rays. Soy and Wheat Proteins aids in strengthening the hair while Vanilla, Sweet Pea and Currant boost body and shine.

2 things that I will look for whenever I purchased a shampoo:

Fragrance and function.

I loved the sweet scent that lingered on my hair after showering with gentle cleansing shampoo. The shampoo make my hair feel soft and moisturized. When combing my hair, they get untangled easily without causing much hair loss. I am starting to notice the silkiness in my hair already.

The second prep stage to complement the cleanse stage:

Nourish and add shine to our hair with label.m Peppermint Treatment.

Expertly formulated with scalp-stimulating peppermint to increase blood supply to the hair follicle, this uber refreshing, lightweight Label.m Peppermint Treatment invigorates both hair and scalp. 

Now our hairstyle can be recreated daily with Label.m Peppermint Treatment and it’s innovative Enviroshield Complex that optimises shine, protecting hair from structural damage caused by heat styling and UV rays. 

Directions of use: 
• Apply to freshly shampooed hair, combing through from roots to ends. 
• For extra conditioning benefits, leave in for one minute before rinsing out

With peppermint treatment, I can skip using conditioner. My hair get easily combed through and it tamed my frizzy hair. Use this treatment once a week.

Next stage, create and style our hair with label.m Protein Spray.

label.m Protein Spray is a moisturising blend of Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Vanilla, Wheat and Soy which help to shield hair from heat damage and UV rays and even out porosity. The innovative Enviroshield Complex, exclusive to label.m, further protects hair against heat styling, sun and damaged hair, while providing seductive shine.

Direction of use:
• Spray liberally on damp or dry hair and comb through. 
• Use after colouring to prevent fading and damage.

label.m Protein Spray is every stylist's best friend. It helps to moisture and strengthen my dried out hair.
With it, I can keep my hair in tamed without worrying about the wind messing with my hair.

You can style it in the way you want.

I love the packaging, they are so classy.
I am impressed by label.m, my hair has become so easily managed and healthier now.

Festive season is approaching, it's time to pamper and treat your hair.


  1. where did you buy label m products? am thinking of buying them

    1. Hi Wini, it can be found at toni and guy hair salon.



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