Friday, October 19, 2012

Uniqlo’s Revolutionary Ultra Stretch Jeans Showcase

What type of weekend are you looking forward to?

For me, it's definitely a gathering session with my besties.
So on a Friday night, I met up with all of them for Uniqlo's Ultra Stretch Jeans Showcase at Ion Orchard.

We were just in time for the opening performance by Team Singapore gymnasts.

Wow, I'm so amazed by their performance and the flexibility of their body. They could twist and turn every part of their body. That's not all, the amazing part was that the Ultra Stretch jeans did not hinder their movement at all. 

Well, that proved us how stretchable the jeans can go.

The secret to the great fit is an innovative new fabric that offers 40% stretch and 90% shape retention. These qualities translate into jeans that offer lift and hold, keeping buttocks and thighs neatly in place without leaving any sense of constrictive-ness. 

Let's witness the quality of the jeans ourselves.

This season features a total range of eight colors. From the regular jeans which includes navy and black, the colored jeans that comes in burgundy, brown, dark green and blue. By emphasizing this season’s sharpest colors, it gives great alternatives to our wardrobes.

Celebrities spotted. 
Joanne Peh and Rebecca Lim were sitting directly opposite us!
Did you spot them too?

Sexy lady.

It's Sheila Sim, Singapore Supermodel.
Hehe, you know what? She was sitting right next to me after her show. Omg, I was sitting next to Singapore Supermodel. 

Rebecca Lim and Joanne Peh were up on stage to share their thoughts on Ultra Stretch Jeans that they were wearing now.

Right after the showcase, everyone ran up to the 2 celebrities, trying to capture their upclose pictures.

Joanne Peh is so beautiful and friendly in person.

Yessss, I took a photo with Joanne Peh. She was my favourite mediacorp artiste. I am looking forward to her upcoming drama, CLIF 2. Police-related drama is always my favourite.

With the girls on the runway. Time for camwhoring.
We loved the closeness and togetherness. 

While the guys preferred the cool look.

I had not been seeing the girls for quite sometimes. 
Miss them so much <3

Thanks Ruiting for the photo.
When a group of girls come together, that's what we always do. 
Snap snap snap!

It was indeed an awesome gathering with all my friends.
I loved the quality time spent together.
Look forward to our next meet up.

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