Wednesday, January 23, 2013

But Becky Age-Lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask Review

Our skin need an adequate amount of moisture in order to maintain the healthy glowing and youthful skin.

Hence, we need to hydrate our skin with moisture and nutrients.

Let me share with you my skincare regime. As age is catching up with me, I began to pay more attention to my skin problems and more particular about skincare. So every week, I will apply facial sheet mask to pamper my skin.

Today, I am going to introduce a new mask branding from Taiwan which was launched in December 2012:

But, Becky.

But, Becky is endorsed by one of my favourite Taiwanese Artist, Aaron Yan 炎亚纶, former member of the boyband, Fahrenheit. He is so good looking, don't you agree? Aw, look at his smooth skin, I want to have skin like him.

There's a little girl in every woman's heart, a sweet and bright girl! A little girl that compliments your beauty and admires your confident. 

Sweet and confident, that's Becky!

Mask is woven with innovative double knitting technique, giving it outstanding elasticity to cover every inch of the skin. With perfect fit, the essence is efficiently absorbed. A special diamond pattern emboss further accelerates the penetration of essence, making sure that it is fully absorbed.

There are a total of 4 series of mask:

Pure & Whitening Job's Tears Mask 
Age-lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask 
Moist-lock & Firming Hyaluronic Acid Mask 
Radiance & Luminous Pearl Mask

Today I will share with you one of the series:

Age-lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask. 

Goodness in Age-lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask:

Wild Yam is rich in botanical DHEA, Vitamin C and E, it is perfect for delaying the aging process of your skin while balancing sebum and hydrates skin with natural minerals. Elastin fiber and collagen revitalize and regenerate skin cells for a smoother and youthful skin.

Time to try it on the 3D lifting mask.

Put on the mask after cleansing. Gently stretch mask to cover entire face. 
Press lightly with finger tips to set in place over face. 
Relax for 15 mins and remove mask. 
Massage remaining mask essence onto face. No rinsing needed. 

My review:

After putting on the mask, I could feel that my skin are becoming soft and hydrated. It helped to restore my tired looking skin and brighten up my face. My skin is rejuvenated and turned out to be more supple. So happy!!!!

One thing I don't really like is the smell. As the mask contains the ingredient - Wild Yam, it do smell a little like herbal medicine.

Give your skin a princess treat now! 
Indulge in the latest mask from Taiwan - But Becky, made for asian skin. 

But Becky Masks is available at WATSONS now. Please visit the following for more information:

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