Sunday, January 6, 2013

Leo's Farewell Night + JB Trip with the usuals

Friday 04/01/13

Just 3 days before Leo's departure, we received a note from him knowing that he will be leaving Singapore to pursue his dream in Korea and it could potentially be permanent if everything works out for him. I felt happy and sad upon hearing the news. Happy because he leave to make his dream come true and sad because we will definitely miss his companion.

Wish you all the best for future endeavors, I know it's not easy to make this decision. It required a strong determination and perseverance.

On a Friday night, a group of us attended Leo's farewell chill out at Alley Bar.
It was a tiring day for me, I was feeling shagged after building sandcastle for the whole afternoon.

Our drinks.

Farewell Leo. I know you can do it.

Dreams will come true if you have the courage to pursue it.


Sunday 06/01/13

Woke up early in the morning on a Sunday to meet up with a group of friends to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This was our so-called first overseas trip together. As we were quite a big group, it was rather hard to plan for overseas trip together. Thus, the seven decided to go for a day trip to our neighbouring country, JB Malaysia.

It was nearly time for lunch after our stuffs which includes changing money and buying movie tickets. We settled our lunch at a eatery near KSL City Mall.

I loved the fried dumpling, it's crispy good.

The wanton feast.

Despite having our bowl of wanton, we ordered another big bowl of wanton to share. I think I have phobia of wanton for the next few days. 

The very spicy wanton mee.

We were craving for dessert after having the spicy wanton mee.
We visited Blackball dessert at KSL City Mall.

This is a must try, the Blackball Signature.
The BlackBall Signature combines grass jelly ice, yam ball, taro Q, red bean, pearl and the signature grass jelly into a bowl of sensational dessert, leaving us asking for more!

Our only group photo together.
Time to tuck in.

We caught the movie "The Last Tycoon" after that. The movie is worth the watch but be prepared for a sad ending.

We saw many familiar restaurants in KSL that are also present in Singapore such as Nando's, The Manhattan Fish Market and Kim Gary. Therefore, we decided to have our dinner at a restaurant that is not available in Singapore - Kinashi.

We ordered soft-shell crab for sharing.

My pork cutlet curry rice.

I got myself 2 dresses and snacks for my family. I haven't got the time to finish walking the mall, I think I need to re-visit KSL again.

Chinese New Year is coming, are you guys done with your shopping???

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