Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tiger Beer Festive Party - The Biggest Party Of The Year!

Have you been good this year?

Yes, I have been good this year. 
Thus, to reward myself for the good work, I attended Tiger Beer's Festive Party which took place at F1 Pit Building together with a big group of friends.

This gonna be Tiger Beer's biggest party of the year with more than 1,500 Singaporeans revelling to the pumping sounds of sets performed by prominent local music personalities DJ KoFlow, Kevin Lester (frontman of band Sixx) and DJ duo Fingerscroxxed, made up of veteran DJ Nomsta and Amanda Ling (ex-member of local group Electrico).

the party is a culmination of activities run by Tiger Beer as part of its tongue-in-cheek “Have You Been Good This Year” campaign for the festive season.

Credits Tiger Beer Singapore facebook.

Here’s to festive celebrations. 
Here’s to tiger time.

Oh yeah and we were on stomp.
Lol. TZ was caught forever eating sausage.....

Thanks HP for the photo.
Let's get the party started with our table of tiger beer.

A toast for a better new year, a better tomorrow.

Everybody took their turn individually and raise the glass to William to wish him "Happy Birthday" in advance. Poor birthday boy.

Words can't describe how high we were.
We felt like flying up high. Terence was a very good example (: 

With my 2 girlfriends ♥♥♥

Say yeah and smile to the camera.
Remember what I said earlier that TZ was forever eating sausage. I got evidence again. Lol. 

This was probably the best Tiger Beer party that I ever went. Thanks Tiger Beer for throwing such a great party. We looked forward to the next one. 

With the awesome people, let's party like a rock star.

With the free flow of beer, we were all getting pretty high.
Time to get our feet shuffling!

Party rock with GF and GJ.

With my besties - Andrew and Jas (:

Credits Tiger Beer Singapore facebook.

DJ KoFlow showing off his scratching tracks. With his dynamic style, he never failed to rock the party crowds.

And the group of us headed to the dance floor.
Somehow dancing at the dance floor seems bored, we went up to the stage to dance and bring the crowds high.
Can't emphasize how much fun we had dancing.

Keep the night going with Tiger Beer.

Say hello to our dancing king.

Credits to Stomp.

We were not high because of the alcohol content, we were high by nature.

Credits to Stomp.

Proud to say we are the last man standing.

Thanks Tiger Beer once again for throwing such an awesome party. We had so much fun that night, it was a blast one. Cheers to a fabulous 2013 ahead.

For more information, do visit Tiger Beer Singapore facebook.


  1. Wow, New Year party? Happy New Year to you!

  2. Hi Luporti: It's christmas cum new year party. Happy new year to you (:



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