Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lunar 15th of the month: Yuan Xiao Jie 元宵节

Hi everyone, how is your Chinese New Year?

In a blink of an eye, we had come to the 15th day of the first lunar month which was also known as Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵节). Yuan Xiao Jie marked the end of our Chinese New Year celebration. On this special day, I had a great family gathering with my relatives.

Not sure if this happens to you too, but for me, Chinese New Year seems like the only period where I had gathering with relatives. In these days, everybody is busy with their own stuffs and we hardly find the time for any family outings or visits. And Chinese New Year become the only time where everyone will come together and communicate with actions. Maintaining strong family ties is important, they are the ones that will always be there for you when you need them.

One thing I had noticed during this Chinese New Year between the older and younger generations:
For the older generations like my parents, uncles and aunts, they were so happy to see each other when they met and had endless topics to chat about. Whereas for the younger generation, throughout the house visits, their eyes were fixed on the phones.

This make me realised how scary the world has become.Though technology has greatly improved our lives and standard of living, but it is also reducing the opportunity for face-to-face contact with people. I remembered how I used to look forward to Chinese New Year when I was young, where we eat, laugh, and play together. Now I am missing the old good times, I need to get myself more engaged in family involvement.

All right, enough of the talking, let's go back to my Yuan Xiao Jie:

Went to my cousin's house early that day because my parents wanted to go over and play mahjong.
While the adults were playing mahjong, bro and I were playing car racing.

I am a noob at car racing.
Next game, please.

Yong had this DJ set at his home.
 Yes, I wanna try this.

With just a click, his room had instantly evolved into a party spot. 
How awesome is this?

Learning from Yong on how to master the gear and mix like a DJ.

Say "hey" everyone, DJ Shuqing in the house.
Let DJ Shuqing play it all night.

Hmmm, why are there so many people gathering at the table?

Oh, it's a gambling den.
Place your bet now. 
Big or small? Odd or even?

4, 2, 1.
Small ar.

Wow, see how much the banker already earned.

Time for dinner.

I did not have lunch today, so I had more for dinner. Hehe..

My last lou-hei of the year.

May good luck always be with us. Huat ar!

Finally the adults left the mahjong table for dinner, we had the chance to take over now.
See my winning tiles. I got a "Xiao San Yuan".

Steady right?

We played "in between" too.

Hope you don't see us as gambling addict, this only happen once in a year.
New year brings in new luck.

May 2013 be a prosperity and abundance year for us. Huat ar!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bata Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Let me begin the post with a simple question:

Did anyone not heard of the brand "Bata" in Singapore?

I believe everyone is familiar with Bata, right?
Bata Shoes has a long history as a leading manufacturer and retailer of quality footwear since 1894. In today,  Bata has stores in over 70 countries, reaching out to customers around the globe.

Bata Shoes is loved by everyone because of its quality, fashionable design, comfortable wear and price affordable. 

That is what I am looking for when buying a pair of shoes.

Is that what you and your family need as well?

Be sure to drop by to any of the 40 over Bata's stores island-wide today!

I was here at Peninsular Plaza Bata Showroom where Bata unveiled their Spring Summer 2013 Collection.

Preview of the Spring Summer Collection:

For more than 100 years, the Bata brand has offered the best shoe at the best price. With contemporary and classic styles, the Bata collection has shoes and accessories for active men and women who appreciate great design and understand the meaning of value. Everyday shoes that look good and feel even better; nobody knows shoes better than Bata.

Men Collection for Bata Spring Summer.

Bata offers highest quality leather which make it suitable for formal occasions or even wearing it to work.

Men's casual.

Come slip into the pair of comfort and style shoes now.

Looking for sport shoes?

Try Power.

Power shoes are made with the finest materials and feature Bata’s legendary craftsmanship and durability. From football to tennis from running to cross-training—whatever your game, there’s a Power shoe to help you excel. You won’t always win, but you’ll never regret playing. 

Bata Power; it’s the spirit of the game.

Women Collection for Bata Spring Summer.

Wow, so many designs of shoes and bag to choose from.
What to pick?

I loved this colourful series.

Summer is all about colour. Let the bright colours bring out the cheerfulness in you this season.

Marie Claire collection.

Marie Claires will help you look your best all day and night. From a hectic day at the office to a fun night. Fashionable styles, exquisite craftsmanship, and affordable style, you can always count on Marie Claires.

What about the colourful and funky design slippers that let you express your playful side?

We ♥ Bata!

They are so many varieties, which one do you prefer?

With the girls - Jas, GF and Mint.

We had a short briefing from Rachel about the brand.

Followed by the introduction to the Spring Summer Collection.

All right, it's time for us to pick our choice of shoes and bag.

With Jasmine while waiting for our size of shoes.

With Ruiting. 
I missed her so much, we had not been seeing each other for nearly 2 months.

Bata Shoe Singapore provides a wide range of Bata house brands that satisfy your every need for shoes.

Bata will be launching the Facebook Bata Spring Summer Bloggers Style Contest on 8th March 13.
Please vote for me by liking my picture:

4 lucky voters who voted for them will also win a pair of shoes and a bag from the Spring Summer Collection.

Some of the behind-in-scene shoot:

Taking photoshoot for my choice of bag and shoes.
Do they match my outfit of the day?

I loved the small studded bag and the comfy shoes.

Studded bags is the fashion trend now, I am ready to indulge in the rocker chic and with the pair of shoes, I am able to walk and shop all day long.

Dressing with confidence makes me feel good and self-assured at all time.

Thanks Bata Singapore for the invitation, I enjoyed myself at the event.
Embark on your bata experience now with the Spring Summer Collection.

For more information, please visit

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Happenings - Skinny Pizza + Meet the TVB casts

Just a week before chinese new year, Jasmine dated GF and I out for a lunch gathering at Skinny Pizza.
Despite the heavy rain, the three of us still went on with our date.

This is my first time trying out Skinny Pizza. Let's see how skinny is their pizza:

Our starter: Truffle Fries.

Our first pizza: The English Breakfast.

Wow, an unusual pizza. This is my first time seeing an egg on top of a pizza. So interesting.
The crust is really thin and crispy, you will hear the crackling sound with every bite.

Our second pizza: Ginger Butter Pizza.
The pizza is served with healthy lashings of greens topping and juicy strips of curry chicken. Yummy and delicious.

Thanks Jasmine for the lunch treat, I enjoyed it very much.

We decided to walked and lazed around at Plaza Singapura as it was still raining heavily outside. To our surprise, we saw a huge crowds gathering at the atrium of Plaza Singapura. So we decided to check it out. Look, TVB stars had came to Singapore:

Meet the TVB stars Kenneth Ma 马国明, Edwin Siu 蕭正楠, Nancy Wu 胡定欣 and Ron Ng 吴卓羲.

Ron Ng.

Each of them sang us a song.

GF and I were discussing below that Ron's dressing today resembled our friend, TZ.

Nancy Wu.
She is so pretty.

Edwin Siu

Edwin sang us the song - 十年.
It's a very nice song, I love the lyric.

十年 之前 

十年 之后 

Everybody is waiting for Kenneth Ma.
Even uncles like him too.

Recently just finished watching the TVB drama - Three Kingdoms 回到三国. I loved his character, it's so hilarious, especially the part where he taught Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei how to use the word "死八婆". Damn funny.

Kenneth Ma is 39 years old this year and he still look so young.
I also want to look young too.

It was a fruitful trip out. 
Not only do I managed to catch up with my girls, I get to meet the TVB stars.


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