Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Trip to Garden By The Bay

Found myself at Garden by the Bay on the last day of January. 

Although I had been to Garden by the Bay before for 2 times, but I had never stop to really take a good look at the beauty of this magical place. Today is my third visit to GBTB, I slowed down my pace and began to appreciate the scenery of the magnificent garden.

I was awed by the beauty of the greenery surrounding. Everything around here just looked so beautiful. Caught sight of the amazing Supertrees. These uniquely designed trees have large canopies that provide shade in the day and come alive with an exhilarating display of light and sound at night.

Taking a stroll at the broadwalk after our lunch and breathing in the fresh air.

My destination - Flower Dome. 
So near yet so far.

Immersing ourselves in the beauty of this garden, it is such a picturesque landscape.

Settling down by the bench for a rest.

Serenade the beautiful lakes.
Little did I know, the lakes are a rich source of aquatic life from fish to plants. 

Came under the Supertrees.

Relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze when we were sitting along the promenade. We get to admire the Marina Bay financial district skyline from along its 2km waterfront promenade.

I love life like that, so carefree and peaceful, embraced by the breeze, surrounding and the cloudy blue sky. At that moment, I forgot all my troubles and worries. The sea breeze has blew all of them away :P

Totally felt rejuvenated.

I wish for an staycation at Marina Bay Sands.
Anyone wants to sponsor or bring me there?

All right, it's time to bid goodbye to Garden By The Bay and go back to reality, back to the hectic urban life.
Looking forward to the next outing trip.

Good bye!


  1. Wow. It looks nice. I love to visit such place. If I have the chance to go Singapore, I will try to visit this place. :)

  2. @ Luporti: Yesss, I'm sure you will love it. A good place for photography (:



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