Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The launch of BioNike Defence B - LUCENT

Are you suffering from hyper-pigmentation?

Have you already found your solution to hyper-pigmentation?

Continue reading to find out the solution:

Credits to BioNike SG facebook.

Thanks to BioNike, I was invited to the launch of Defence B - LUCENT

Let me give you some background about BioNike:

BioNike has been around in the industry since 1960s. BioNike products are highly effective and are based on our "allergen-free philosophy", that is products with no preservatives, no fragrances, no gluten and nickel tested. In fact, nickel, preservatives and fragrances are well known skin sensitisers that are responsible for triggering contact allergies.

B-Lucent, an effective multi-active strategy to achieve even and radiant skin. 

A comprehensive line of treatments designed to protect and defend skin, even the most sensitive. Formulated with selected raw materials, Defence meets the diverse needs of skin offering targeted products for cleansing, hydration, protection and treatment of localised skin blemishes.

The wide range of products in Defence will meet the needs of even the most demanding consumer. All DEFENCE products are highly tolerable on skin and are based on BioNike's Allergen-free Formulation Philosophy, which means:

- NO Preservatives
- NO Perfume
- NO Gluten
- Nickel Tested

Bionike offers a multi-active strategy for even and radiant skin.

Step to even and radiant skin: Daily Programme

Step 1: Day Peel (Cleanser Preparation)
Step 2: Skin-Evening Concentrate (Intensive Treatment)
Step 3: Skin-Evening Face Cream SPF15 (Hydration and Protection)

The daily programme aids in reduction of brown spots and prevents their formation, helping to even out the complexion and make it radiantly alive.

Localised Treatment

Roll-On Focus
Skin-Evening Hand Cream SPF20

Local, intensive, treatment favours a more rapid attenuation of dark spots.

Credits to BioNike SG facebook.

Listening to a short presentation on BioNike Defence B - LUCENT.

BioNike provides the consumer, even with sensitive skin, with product tolerability, safety and effectiveness and a fair quality/price ratio.

Credits to BioNike SG facebook.

The products were passed around to sample. My partner and I enjoyed testing it.
The products indeed has no fragrance. After applying them on my hand, my skin has become smoother and brighter compared to the other hand.

We ended the session with a sweet gesture from the staff. Each of us has a cupcake and cookies.
Not only that, we were also presented with a gift. So sweet of them ♥

In the gift box were BioNike Defence B - LUCENT's products - Day Peel and Roll-On Focus. I will be doing a review on these 2 products very soon. Remember to come visit my blog again.


Also, do like BioNike SG Facebook too, BioNike will be rolling out a samples giveaway campaign. This campaign will kickstart on 18 Feb 2013 till end of Feb. Samples are on whilst stock last basis.

Stay tuned to it.

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