Friday, March 1, 2013

Epson’s “Unbottle the Magic” Launch

Do your schoolwork or office work requires you to print out lots of pages?
Do you have to often replace your cartridges?

In today's world, everything is expensive. An example would be printer ink cartridges.

We are paying more but getting lesser than what we paid.
So why pay more when Epson actually offer a lower printing cost?


Epson, the world’s first, and to date, only major printer maker offering ink tank system printers, has introduced seven L-series printers to offer customers even more choices in terms of speed and reliability. This new series helps customers reduce operating costs with the world’s lowest printing cost of any printer using genuine Epson ink bottles supplies.

On this special day, 1.3.13, Epson was going to unveil the magic.

I attended “Unbottle the Magic” Launch held at The Gig, St. James Power Station where we would be the first to experience Epson’s definitive era of printing technology.

Thanks Jas for the photo.

We were all in CMYK theme: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

The subtractive color model used in printing.

Thanks GF for extending her invitation.

Look! Who is the host of this event?

It's our familiar Y.E.S 93.3 FM DJ, Lim Pei Fen.
So happy to see her again. She is as prettier as always.

The launch of the L-series ink tank system printers also ties in with Epson celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their proprietary Micro Piezo Technology, a high performance inkjet printing technology that delivers high print quality and precision, and has given the company unique competing advantages since its inception. 

Today, Epson is the only major printer company in the world that uses piezoelectric print heads in its entire inkjet printer range – from the smallest personal photo printer, to the largest industrial press system.

Without any further ado, may the Guest Of Honour declared the Launch of Epson's L-series ink tank system printers.

It's time to unveil the magic within.

Epson's L-series ink tank system printers is officially launched.

Epson has come up with 7 L-series models which are designed to empower users to print freely without worrying about running costs, productivity and warranty issues, the L-series printers also provide corporate users the opportunity to switch from using laser or dot matrix printers to the highly affordable L-series ink tank system printers.

A remarkable special laser light performance that symbolizes our advance technology in the world today.

He had good controlling skill. Awesome performance.

Mr, Koichi Endo, Managing Director of Epson Southeast Asia an Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd, gave an opening speech.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the technology, Epson has launched its latest L-series ink tank system printers. Boasting unique benefits that have been made possible by the Micro Piezo technology, the L-series ink tank system printers effectively demonstrates how far the technology has developed through the years.

Next up were the C.M.Y.K girls.

What did the girls have for us?

Extremely high print volume and low cost per page
 All models in the Epson L-series continue to offer customers high capacity ink bottles (worth SGD 9.90 each) that allow them to print at incredibly high volume and low cost per page so as to free them from worrying about printing costs. 

Ultra high performing and reliable Epson Micro Piezo print head 
The high reliability of Epson’s Micro Piezo print head allows it to be built into the printer and cater for high volume printing. It achieves a maximum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi and its variable size droplet technology (VSDT) allows the print head to eject ink droplets in multiple sizes. These capabilities ensure the greatest detail and extremely smooth gradations in documents or photographs.

Easy operation
The Epson L-series printers feature Epson Original Ink Tanks, neatly integrated ink tubes and a special choke valve, all of which allow for easy ink refilling as well as convenient transportation of the printer.

Peace of mind through Epson warranty
Epson L-series ink tank system printers are covered by Epson’s warranty for a year or for 15,000 pages (L110 and L210) or 30,000 pages (L300, L350, L355 and L550) and six months for L800 or 3,000 pages, whichever comes earlier.

After hearing so much about the goodness of the Epson's L-series ink tank system printers, let's find out more about the individual models:

Epson L110 and L210 ink tank system printers
Designed for home and SOHO (small office / home office) users, the L110 single function and L210 all-in-one ink tank system printers have a 6ipm print speed and compactly designed to take up less space which means you can fit them comfortably anywhere in your home/office.
Epson L300 and L350 ink tank system printers
For SMB (small to medium business) users, these models offer a productivity-boosting print speed of 9ipm and assure users of reliable performance. 

Epson L355 & L550 ink tank system printers
Further enhancing connectivity in the office, both models facilitate workgroup sharing with WiFi and Ethernet connectivity respectively, on top of the USB 2.0 connectivity offered in the L-series printers. Both the L355 and L550 also offer iPrint, making it simple for users to print and scan to and from compatible mobile devices without having to connect software, drivers or cables. 

Epson L800 photograph ink tank system printer
Catering to photo enthusiasts and SMB users, the L800 single function ink tank system printer promises to deliver high quality printouts with greater cost savings. The L800 helps users save time by offering efficient print speeds of 11 seconds for black and colour in 4R draft mode. 

Thanks Epson for the great hospitality, I enjoyed myself at the launch event.

If you are intending to get a new printer, do consider getting Epson's L-series ink tank system printers who position themselves at consumer's best interest.

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