Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My glory moment - MINDEF Committee of Supply 2013

Hello everyone, today I will be sharing with you guys my glory moment in the year 2013.

Read to find out more:

Do you guys know what is Committee of Supply?

According to www.gov.sg, the Committee of Supply debate on the budget of individual Ministries will take place between 7 and 15 March 2013. During this period, the Parliament will discuss the estimated budgets of the individual Ministries and their plans for Financial Year 2013.

After which, the Committee considers each ministry’s request for funds and votes on it. 

You must be thinking why am I so interested in Committee of Supply (COS) suddenly?

Well, that is because my name is being mentioned in Ministry of Defence's COS.

MINDEF's speeches was delivered on 11 March 2013 by Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen, Senior Minister of State Chan Chun Sing, and Senior Parliamentary Secretary Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman. 

In the world today where many things remain unpredictable, MINDEF has taken measures to ensure that our defence remains strong and solid in ensuring Singapore’s safety.


During the speech by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Defence and National Development, he had made an announcement on Total Defence and Commitment to Defence. During which, there is a paragraph on Singaporeans support for NS which help to strengthen commitment to defence and I was being mentioned in the speech. I felt elated upon knowing it.

Below is the paragraph quoted from the speech:

"it is also encouraging to see Singaporeans driving initiatives which help to strengthen commitment to defence. Some of you may have watched Jack Neo's films Ah Boys to Men and Ah Boys to Men 2. The films struck a chord in many Singaporeans with their candid portrayal of Army life, becoming the highest-grossing Singapore films of all time. This sentiment was vividly captured by Ms Heng Shu Qing, who wrote after watching the first instalment that "Ah Boys to Men tells a story that will touch the heart of every Singaporean. It is not merely just a laugh but to remind us that our independence did not come by so easily. So love our land and never take it for granted." We look forward to more such initiatives, which bring richness to our NS story and underscore the public's support for NS."

Seriously, words can't describe how happy I am upon knowing that my phrase is being quoted in the speech at the Parliament. I did not expect writing a short view about the movie, Ah Boys to Men, would actually mean so much. I had a lot of thoughts in mind after the movie, perhaps it is because I shared some of the experience and training.

Yeah, I am still feeling awesome right now.



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