Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sentosa Cove - Quayside Isle & W Singapore

I had a beautiful Saturday spent at Sentosa Cove.

Although I had been to Sentosa for countless time, but I had never been to Sentosa Cove before in my life.
Sentosa Cove is located on the southern-eastern side of Sentosa Island (after Tanjong Beach). It is not accessible by Sentosa Express, you can only get to the destination by car or the half-hourly shuttle bus.

Is the scenery beautiful?
The place is surrounded by the luxury yachts. Of course, Sentosa Cove is home to one of the finest yachting hubs in Asia.

Sentosa Cove is also the most prestigious integrated oceanfront marina residential communities in Singapore. Looking at all the surrounding facilities and its strategic location, the land here is definitely not cheap. I will never have the opportunity to live here.

But never mind, because W Singapore is just feet away from Sentosa Cove.
You could spend a day there relaxing.

Stepping into the outdoor of W Singapore.
The design is inspired from the dynamic cosmopolitan lifestyle mixed with Sentosa’s vibrant natural surroundings, blurring the line between cosmopolitan city-state and a forest’s untamed nature. 

The luscious greenery gives the island a peaceful serenade.

I am longing for a getaway. 
Anyone wanna bring me along?

Time passed fast while we were over here.

That's how I spent my weekend, catching up with friend and update each other on our happenings.
There is no stress, no fear and no worries. I simply love weekend.

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