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An Evening of Domestic Fun with LG Home Appliances

With Technology advancing, home appliances had already become an essential needs in our everyday lives.

As standard of living had improved, people seek only the best household and kitchen appliances in term of their function and innovative features.

Today I be introducing to you LG Home Appliances which offers sophisticated designs and functioned with better efficiency.

Life Made Easier with LG Home Appliances.

For home owners who are looking to furnish their nests can now look to LG Electronics for their dream home. Promising to make designer home appliances available to the masses, the Home Appliances from LG are equipped with high- performance technologies and resource-saving features that provide smart ways to bring convenience while ensuring a healthy lifestyle for its users.

I attended the showcase of LG’s range of home appliances which was held at Asian Food Channel Cooking Studio (AFC Studio) @ Orchard Central.

I ordered an ice-latte while waiting for the programme to commerce.

Met up with Terence.

And with my bestie, GF. We were all feeling exciting about hands-on appetiser and dessert making session later on.

Canapés provided by Asian Food Channel.

Take a look at our workstation for our hands-on session.

The appetizer and dessert making session was led by Wendy from AFC.
She was briefing us on the steps for making Mango Mousse Parfait.

Ingredients required:

- 145ml mango puree
- 50g caster sugar
- gelatin sheets
- 250ml whipping cream


Step 1: Soak gelatin sheets in ice water to soften.

Step 2: Warm mango puree in microwave for 1 min. Stir in sugar till dissolve.
Step 3: Strain and squeeze gelatin sheets dry.

Step 4: Stir into mango puree together with whipping cream.

And this was my end product with chocolate sponge at the base and strawberry at the top. Still not too bad right?

Okay, next was our appetizer - Bibim Naengmyeon-Korean Spicy Cold Noodles

Ingredients required:

- 2 medium lettuce leaves.
- 1/4 a left re cabbage.
- 12 a small cucumber.
- 1/3 a small carrot.
- 6 pieces Kimchi.

- 180g thin buckwheat noodles.

- 1 hard boiled egg

- 2 tea spoon gochujang
- 2 tea spoon rice vinegar
- 1 tea spoon soy sauce
- 1 tea spoon honey
- 1 tea spoon brown sugar
- 1 tea spoon sesame oil
- 1 tea spoon sesame seeds


Step 1: Chop the ingredients into thin sliced or cube
Step 2: To make the hard boiled egg. Line a cup with cling wrap and spray cooking oil. Break the egg and wrap it tight. Microwave for about 40 seconds.
Step 3: Place the noodles in a bowl and add the toppings and sauce.

Tadaa, my end product.
Nowadays, I had been upgrading on my culinary skill.

The hands-on session was a fun one. We enjoyed whipping the dishes, act like a chef.

After the hands-on session was the product demonstration which showcased the modern, stylish, and effortless domestic life brought by LG’s cutting-edge technologies.

Life made easy with LG Washing Machines. 

The premium range of LG washing machines are power packed with a number of features and top of line technology. 

Let's take a look at some of these features:

Cleaner laundry done gently with LG 6 motion wash.

The 6 Motion Wash ensures a high speed processor and high quality control technology, resulting in one of the best washing performances, higher energy efficiency that caters to varying characteristics of various fabrics, all in one washing load. 

The six motions used in front load washing machines are Scrubbing, Filtration, Rolling, Tumbling, Swing and Stepping.

It was designed for faster detergent dissolving, minimising wrinkles and tangles while ensuring an even wash. It translates to an estimated of 45% in electricity saving and 18% of water saving for front load washing machine per cycle. It's eco-friendly right?

Durability and Silence the Essence of Inverter Direct Drive

LG has developed one of the most durable, quiet and economical motors, the Inverter Direct Drive. This motor comes with a 10 year warranty. 

LG’s Inverter Direct Drive not only delivers a powerful wash, it is also one of the quietest machines one can have at home with minimal vibration. 

You can now do your part for the environment because with Inverter Direct Drive, users can save up to 33% of energy consumption and 42% of water consumption.

The LG Front Load Washing Machine (WD-1279RDS7) retails for S$ 3,199.00.

There is another model of washing machine.
Instead of opening from the front, the model could be push open from the top.

The LG Top Load Washing Machine (WFT1261DD) retails for S$ 1,199.00.

The Tub Clean and Tub Dry features eliminate tub odour and prevent mildew growth by evaporating moisture found in the tub, protecting sensitive skin and cleaner smelling clothes.

If you suffer from skin allergies caused by harsh detergents, then LG's i-Sensor technology with its intelligent rinse settings will help minimise allergy problems. LG's Smart Cleaning function get rid of up to 99.9% of detergent residue.

Make Cleaning Effortless with LG Dishwasher.

LG Clarus 1 is one of the lowest water rating dishwashers in the market. 
Additionally, the energy efficient Direct Drive motor with a ten year warranty puts the energy consumption of this appliance at only 0.92 kWh.

LG TrueSteam provides superior cleaning in three steps with Steam Power, Steam Care and Steam Dual Spray, effectively removing tough stains and the hassle of pre-washing, making it more hygienic than hand washing.

Retail price: S$1,799.00

Organising Made Easy with LG Smart Rack.

Sometimes, the varying sizes and shapes of pots and dishes make loading of items into a dishwasher a time consuming puzzle. 

Not to worry, because LG Smart RackTM with two levels of adjustable tines and racks is the much needed solution for larger capacity, flexibility and functionality when loading.

See how the rack had transformed with the pots and dishes.

Enjoy Good Taste with LG Microwave Ovens.

LG’s microwave technology is designed to make life good, or in this case, taste good. 

With the latest lightwave technology and Charcoal Lighting HeaterTM in MJ3281BC, food can be heated healthier, fuss-free and with multi-level cooking capabilities, allowing it to retain its natural flavors and goodness.

Retail price: S$599.00

Eat Fresh with LG Refrigerators

The elegant designed model that comes with practical and handy features such as the Door-in-Door.

Door-in-Door provides convenient access to the home bar within the refrigerator. Maximising usage of the home bar reduces up to 50% cold air as compared to when opening the main refrigerator door thus reducing energy consumption.

Maintaining freshness and shelf life of food is the primary function of a refrigerator.
LG Hygiene Fresh is the ideal solution for refrigerator hygiene and deodorisation. Food and beverages are kept fresher longer with a 4-Step filtering system that removes dust, fungi spore, bacteria and odor up to 99.999%.

Retail price: S$ 4,999.00

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