Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gala Premiere of JUDGMENT DAY 《世界末日》

Judgment Day 《世界末日》will be airing in Singapore on 18 April 2013.

Are you excited for it?

I'm glad that I was one of the privileged one who has the opportunity to attend the gala premiere of Judgment Day, thanks Mooviespy.

Judgment Day is yet another Singaporean comedy-drama film. Do show some support to our local production. The film was directed by Ong Kuo Sin and produced by Mark Lee.

Genre: Comedy 
Director: Ong Kuo Sin 
Cast: Henry Thia, Chua En Lai, Rebecca Lim, Guo Liang, Edwin Goh, Julie Tan, Sebestian “Broadway Beng” Tan, Wang Yuqing, John Cheng, Mark Lee, Tender Huang, Alice Ko 
Duration:1 hr 44 mins 
Rating: PG13

Took a photo while waiting for the show to start. 
I met lots of artistes at the gala premiere, they came down to support the movie too. Jack Neo and Michelle Chong were one of them.

Meet the Director Ong Kuo Sin Producer Mark Lee.
This was Ong Kuo Sin first directed movie.

Say hello to the casts. They would be watching the movie together with us.

Mark Lee and the casts shared with us some of the difficulties faced when filming the movie. It is really not easy to produce a film.

This was also John Cheng (Ah Nan) last movie. His role was also very different from before, he was playing the role as a medium in this movie. This was something different from his usual gangster character.

Let's watch the trailer.

A sudden collision in outer space caused a meteorite to divert its course and head towards planet Earth. Its impact is calculated to annihilate the whole mankind. The time ticking towards mass extinction is so short that any apology from the government is deemed irrelevant. Therefore, go ahead and do whatever you want within the next 3 days. Leave behind no regrets. 

Before the world comes to an end, you are left with 72 hours. What would you do to leave with no regrets?

If I only have 72 hours left, I will quit my job and spend my remaining time with my family and loved ones. I will tell each and single of them how much I love them, and hug them for the last time. To me, family is the most important thing in the world because friends will leave you one day, but family are the one that will stick with you through out.

The movie talks about 4 different stories featuring extreme decisions people make during extreme situations, from all works of life, as they decide to share their deepest secrets when it is believed that doomsday will happen in 72 hours: 

A corrupted cop confesses to his subordinate that he had accepted a bribe before. 
A married man tells his family his greatest wish is to become a woman. 
A wife reveals to her husband that she is actually secretly in love with her superior at work. 
A distraught young lady decides to run away from Singapore and heads for Cambodia, in the process; she breaks up with her finance. 

But miraculously, everyone survives judgement day. While the whole world rejoices; for those who made irreversible decisions, it is the end of their previous world…

How are they going to clear the extreme mess?

This was also the first time I see another side of Chua Enlai, a serious side of him.
A man who was trying his best to salvage a relationship with his girlfriend, Rebecca Lim.

Julie Tan who took up the role as a prostitute at Geylang.

The movie was pretty engaging. The people speaks the typical Singaporean languages - combination of English, Chinese and dialects. It makes us feel homely and comfortable while watching the movie.

The movie was pretty touching towards the end - the letter and the hospital scenes.
Tears who welling up in my eyes, it brought me close to tears.

I am sure if you watch, you will feel the same way as me. 

The movie will released on 18 April 2013.
Do support Judgment Day 《世界末日》.

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