Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BioNike Branding Official Launch - Cosmetics For Sensitive Skin

A healthy skin is a beautiful skin.

Do you agree with me?
I'm sure you do. 

Understanding the needs of having a healthy skin, BioNike specialises in the research, formulation, production and marketing of dermocosmetics for sensitive, allergic and reactive skin, ideal for both treating and preventing skin conditions.

BioNike is a brand that roots in Greek ethimology:

It simply means life victory.


Each product is:

Preservative-free - Preservative is the main causes of allergic reactions.
Fragrance-free - Enhance user safety and avoid the risk of potential allergies.
Gluten-free - Avoid skin alterations, especially in allergy-prone, sensitive skin subjects.
Nickel tested - Minimise allergic reactions or sensitisation.

I was here at Chameleon Club Lounge @ Dempsey Road to find out more about BioNike Defence Elixage.

While walking up, the greenery outdoor ambiance caught my attention.
A spectacular view for phototaking.

Just one photo of me. 
I was running late!!!

Nestled at Dempsey area, Chameleon Club is one of the newest premium clubs in town.
The uber-chic designer furniture and fittings are built to impress. The entire space has been carefully architectured to provide a 360 virtual spectacle of the hype and entertainment in the club.

I was here with 2 pretty babes - Zerika and Deb.

We got our drinks while waiting for the event to start.

Under the BioNike brand, ICIM International srl markets a comprehensive range of lines to offer all possible cosmetic solutions to customers. Triderm, Proxera and Acnet are long-standing cosmetic lines targeting medical skin conditions such as eczema, xerosis and acne. These lines are supported extensively by doctors, who prescribe them to their patients.

The condition of sensitive skin is on the rise, especially in urban and industrialised areas. This is due to weather conditions, UV radiation, pollution, aggressive cleansers and inappropriate cosmetics.

BioNike is the cosmetics for sensitive skin as the products are made according to the “Allergen-Free Philosophy”.

BioNike had just launched a new Defence series of products: A revolution in anti-ageing treatments.

DEFENCE ELIXAGE Satin - Regenerating Cream

Regenerating Cream is used as day treatment to promote skin’s natural regeneration mechanism, enhance repair processes and counter damage from free radicals. Skin is left toned, smoother, radiantly alive and appears as regenerated: wrinkles are softened and facial features are more defined.
DEFENCE ELIXAGE Velours - Nutri-Regenerating Cream

Nutri-Regenerating Cream on the other hand is used as night treatment. It provides nourishment and regeneration to skin, reduces fragility of mature skin and promoting skin renewal.
DEFENCE ELIXAGE Contour - Eye-Lip Balm

Our eyes are the most delicate areas, hence it needs extra care to prevent wrinkles from appearing. Our lip contour areas need nourishment as well to prevent dry lip. The eye-lip balm provides an immediately perceived filler effect. The exclusive Subli-F.A.C.E ingredient complex works on all ageing signs, leaving skin toned and supple.

DEFENCE ELIXAGE Elxir - Regenerating Fluid

It improves product texture and, especially, works to hide wrinkles better. Day after day, skin appears smoother and more compact, expression lines are softened and the face is left radiantly alive.

DEFENCE ELIXAGE Intensive - Anti-Ageing Mask

It provides strong moisturisation and radiance. It gives an immediate feeling of comfort, with skin feeling smoother and firmer. Fine lines are attenuated and face is left with a healthy glow. 

Singapore idol, Tabitha Nauser, is the ambassador of BioNike. She had shared with us her love for BioNike's products.

Tabitha also sang for us - Skyfall by Adele.
Let the sky fall..............................

At the event, there was display of Defence series products, take a look at some of them:
BioNike Defence Tolerance series for hypersensitive skin.

BioNike Defence Hydra5 series for hydration and protection.

BioNike Defence Elixage series for anti-aging skin.

BioNike Defence B-Lucent series for anti-dark spots.

Wow, BioNike has makeup products too.

Thanks BioNike for the invitation. I have better understanding about Bionike and the various products as well as how to better take care of my skin.

Other than Spa-Lon, BioNike is currently available exclusively at Guardian. Yeah, it is now so convenient to purchase BioNike products. 

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/BionikeSG

BRAND'S® MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom Immunity Workshop

With a strong immunity system, we can better protect ourselves from toxins, viruses and bacteria, and lead a healthy life.

Our immune system will be able to fight against the virus and bacteria so that we will not get sick easily.

But how do we strengthen our immunity?

We can strengthen our immune system by consuming medicinal mushrooms. That brings me to today's topic where I will share with you the world of medicinal mushrooms.

Attended the High Tea & Workshop on Immunity which was held at The Vineyard.

With CF picking up all the tips about boosting our immunity.

Living in the environment where bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are everywhere, it could weaken our immune system and causing us to get sick easily. Medicinal mushrooms have various health benefits such as treatment for diseases. With this in mind, BRAND'S had launched MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom for those  who are keen to boost our immunity and maintain a healthy disposition.

MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom contains a unique blend of 5 premium medicinal mushrooms (Lingzhi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Yamabushitake and Shiitake) that is scientifically supported to keep you in good health. 

Benefits of the 5 mushrooms:

Shiitake - give you a boost in energy and stamina.This medicinal mushroom helps to support your liver function and support the immune system to combat against viral infections.

Yamabushitake - used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for stomach ulcers and chronic gastric disorders. Yamabushitake can also reduce tumor growth.

Maitake - enhance vitality, wellness and strength. Maitake mushrooms have been identified in animal and human studies to boost immune responses in combating against cancer cells.

Cordyceps - strengthen the immune system, improve respiratory function and enhance cellular oxygen uptake, thus boosting energy and vitality. 

Lingzhi - strengthen the respiratory system and has a healing effect on lungs.

Powered by mushroom beta-glucans, this medicinal mushroom essence helps to strengthen and support the optimal functioning of your immune system. Mushroom beta-glucans, which are not fully released through normal home cooking methods, are carefully extracted and retained in each bottle of BRAND’S® MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom.

Many may associate mushrooms as ingredients in culinary dishes but not all may be aware that they play an important role in immunity protection.

The health benefits of these five medicinal mushrooms extend beyond nutrition. They have long been used for medicinal purpose in countries like Japan and China and through modern biomedical and scientific studies, their medicinal qualities and efficacies are continually being unveiled and validated.

We had tried MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom, the taste resembled Essence of Chicken. If you like Essence of Chicken, you will like Essence of Mushroom.

The unique blend of mushrooms in Essence of Mushroom strengthens the immune system by providing stronger resistance against illnesses and allows for quicker recovery from illnesses. In addition, this health supplement also boosts “qi” (energy) to strengthen body constitution that in turn further improves immunity.

Having Essence of Mushroom as supplement will definitely benefit our health in long-term.

While listening to the presentation, food were being served to us.

Love the mushroom soup, it is thick to my liking.

Nest was Health & Wellness Talk by Certified Nutritionist & Naturopath, Ms Ketki Vinayachandra.

Ms Ketki was trained in Australia and with years of experience, she had dispense naturopathic tips on the internal and external factors that affect our bodies’ immunity, as well as the available natural alternatives to boost our immunity against diseases, from the common cold to cancer. 

Everyone was listening attentively to her tips and prevention.
BRAND'S MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom is ideal for consumers with a hectic lifestyle and poor diet choices. It helps to strengthen different elements of our immune systems and defend our body against diseases and infections.

BRAND'S MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom is Halal-certified and suitable for vegetarian. 

It is now available at a recommended selling price of S$27.90 for a pack of 8x65ml bottles at all NTUC FairPrice outlets, and all Guardian outlets island-wide.

For more information, please visit http://www.brandsworld.com.sg/

Let's strengthen our immune system and stay healthy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Music Matters 2013 - J-Rock Matters presented by BARKS Media Conference

Fans of J-Pop, here is something for you:

Music Matters Live is happening this week from 22 - 24 May 2013.

The annual Music Matters Live with HP is back for the third year, bringing the best underground talent from across the globe to Singapore. Asia’s top music festival that showcases some of the industry’s up-and-coming and established local and foreign music acts. The festival will be held at Clarke Quay over three nights...with no admission cost! 

Are you ready for it?

For the first time, Japanese artists will perform in a Japanese showcase at Music Matters 2013 - J-rock Matters presented by BARKS. 

On 23 May 2013, SID and flumpool will hold a public concert at the Fountain Stage, Clarke Quay at 9 pm. The hour-long showcase will be streamed live on Youtube as well. Click here for the link to Youtube.

Following that, SID, flumpool and WEAVER will each hold an exclusive invitation-only mini-concert at the Beer Market from late night onwards.

Isn't it awesome to catch 3 of the famous J-Rock bands performing live in Singapore for free?

I was here at M Hotel for J-Rock Matters Media Conference. I can't wait to see SID, flumpool and WEAVER in person.

BARKS is Japan’s largest music publication, engaging in multi-lingual publication of Japanese music news, providing agency, consultancy, digital music distribution aggregation services, and EC for merchandising and ticket sales.

Let's invite Tadashi Goto, Producer for BARKS to share with us more about it.

The popularity of Japanese music and artists is rising in Asia and worldwide. Despite that, not enough sources existed to feature them and deliver Japanese music news internationally. Hence, to respond to the growing diversification of global consumer-needs, BARKS extended its online outreach with a an English website and the launch of two new Mandarin sites, making Japanese music news more accessible to global audiences:

English website (www.en.barks.jp/)
Simplified Chinese (www.zh-cn.barks.jp)
Traditional Chinese (www.zh-tw.barks.jp)

With this, international audiences will now be able to get the latest updates and trends on the Japanese music scene. From news, artists biography, the site also includes a BARKS Ranking, which showcases the top artists based on the viewership hits on their bios and news articles within the website.

Without further ado, let's introduce the first band up:


From left to right: Shouta Okuno (Bass & Backing vocals), Yuji Sugimoto (Piano & Lead Vocals) and Toru Kawabe (Drum & Backing Vocals)

WEAVER is a piano rock band and started their performances mainly at the live house “VARIT” in Kobe.

This is the third time WEAVER is performing in Singapore. Yuji shared with us that the fans enjoyed seeing them interacting in English. So this time round, WEAVER will be singing one English song at Music Matters 2013.

The next band, flumpool.

flumpool expressed their gratitude to the global fans for supporting Japan during the Tsunami crisis in 2011 and that's why they are here to performing at Music Matters 2013 to show their gratitude.

Aww, why isn't Kazuki Sakai (Guitarist) here at the press conference?

Kazuki is actively trying to slim down and he hope to surprise the fans during his performance. So he does not wish to disclose his progress at the conference.

Do you know know flumpool had a performance together with Mayday at Tokyo’s EARTH X HEART LIVE 2013.

It was Ryuta's personal dream to give Ashin a hug and his dream came true. Both bands had a close brotherly relationship after a series of successful collaborations.

Last but not least, SID.

For SID, it is their first time here in Singapore. SID were touched that there were many fans at the airport waiting for their arrival.

They are really excited to put up a good performance together with flumpool and WEAVER.

Do catch the three growingly popular artist groups performing livein Singapore. Through their music and performances, music fans in Singapore and Asia can recognise and appreciate the universal appeal of J-Rock, and continue to support the artists by checking out their latest news and updates on BARKS.

WEAVER, flumpool and SID hope all of us could be there at Clarke Quay to support their performances.

Photo-taking time:




Photo of the 3 J-Rock bands.

I shall end the photo with a photo of me and WEAVER. 

Support J-Rock, support BARKS.
For more information, please visit http://www.en.barks.jp/


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