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Bella Skin Care - Pure Blossom Therapy

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Our skin need to be pampered once in awhile.

My skin condition hasn't been good all this while. My diet and late sleeping habits are part of the reasons that contribute to my flaw skin. Regular application of makeup and unprotected sun exposure had took a toll on my skin too. My once radiant skin has now turned dull and uneven.

I want to regain my smooth, soft and fresh looking skin.

Thankfully, Bella Skin Care came to my rescue.
I went for my first facial treatment at Bella Skin Care @ Marina Square.

With 30 years of experience,  Bella Skin Care introduced the most advanced solutions to skincare which help consumers to achieve lasting beauty through therapies that emphasis on natural substances. By understanding in-depth the profiles of Asian skin, the treatments have catered to the changing lifestyle demands of women and men in Asia, enabling us to have healthier skin and more confidence.

Upon entering Bella Skin Care, I was warmly greeting by the staffs. Being my first facial, I was actually pretty nervous beforehand and not knowing what to expect. This feeling had totally disappeared once I entered the salon, the soothing atmosphere made me forget about it.

This is also my first time encountering such a good customer service in Singapore. 

Taking a look at their products.

After which, I was led to the consultation room where my consultant tried to understand about my skin care regime and the skin problems I faced. After analysing, She had pointed out some of my problems:

 - pimples over at my left cheek
- tired looking pair of eyes
- black heads and white heads


Based on my problems, she recommended Pure Blossom Therapy.

Pure Blossom Therapy is an all skin type treatment which includes a gentle exfoliating scrubs to remove dead skin cells, application of Pure Blossom mask and further enhanced with Rose essential floral infusion.

My therapist came to pick me up and led me into one of the rooms.

I changed into my gown and laid out comfortably at the bed and I was covered with a layer of blanket. 
I don't feel nervous already, the soothing music and relaxing ambience had calmed me down.

It's therapy time.

1. Rose infusion with pulveriser

My session began with the rose infusion. I was told to breathe in the rose essential which have the calming effect. It helped to relieve the tension and relieve stress that I had been experience recently. It was followed by a hand massage which aids in circulation. A regular hand massage is good for health especially for people like me who spent most of my time typing on computer.

2. Cleansing
My face was cleansed to remove all the dirt and impurities. After which, I went through face steaming. It mosturised my face and killed all the bacteria, giving my face a healthy glow. My therapist was so thoughtful, she helped me apply lip balm prior the steaming so that my lips wouldn't be dry.

3. Extraction
I had heard a lot from my friends that extraction is really really painful and I was about to experience it.
Thankfully it wasn't that unbearable. It felt like a sting on the face, but for some parts it would hurt a little more. After each area of extraction, she would place a cooling pad on the area to soothe the redness of the extracted area. I was then left in the room for 10 minutes with the cooling pads on. I felt like dozing off with the classical music, dim lighting and soothing treatment.

4. Pure Blossom Mask
Pure Blossom Mask increases skin smoothness and elasticity with its moisture-binding ingredients - Stable Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid.

Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidant for the skin which has the ability to prevent UV damage, improve elasticity and heal the skin. It tightens and detoxifies the skin, restoring a youthful and radiant complexion.

Glycolic Acid on the other hand, slough off the rough outer skin layer, revealing youthful newer skin.

With the two combination, it stimulates collagen production below the surface of the skin and helps protect against UVA/UVB rays.

While I had the mask in, my therapist performed a shoulder massage. It's really awesome, my tensed muscles finally could relax.

5. Toning, Moisturising and Protecting
We had come to the final step of facial treatment. The mask was washed off and followed by toner, moisturiser and sunblock to prevent sun exposure.

I really enjoyed the facial treatment, I felt so pampered. Never had I thought that doing facial can be so relaxing .

I would want to go back to Bella Skin for facial treatment again.

I was brought back to the consultation room to see the after result.
Wow, the result could be seen instantly after the facial. My blackheads had disappeared, my pores were less visible and my skin looked brighter than before. My day was brightened up along with it.

My face has never been so cleaned before, so for now I need to take care of my skin well.

I left the salon happily with glowing skin.

The benefits of the therapy: 
- Brightens skin colour due to increase cellular energy 
- Rejuvenates and improves clarity of skin 
- Prevents premature skin aging 
- Improves & maintains skin's elasticity & firmness 
- Oxygenates and revitalizes of skin 
- Calming effect - beneficial for blotchy/sunburned skin 
- Improves hydration - lines and wrinkles softened
- Fresh & relaxing floral aromatic treatment

My glowing skin after 5 days with only BB cream on.
My skin felt supple and fresh.

It's time to discover your true, natural beauty. 
Give a try to Bella Skin Care and be prepared for a pampering treatment.

The usual price for Pure Blossom Therapy is $168.
But for my readers, you will be able to enjoy the facial treatment at only $98. Print out this e-voucher to enjoy the promotional price.

Don't miss the good deal!!! Call 1800-7777-222 to book your appointment now.

For more information about Bella Skin Care, please visit and

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