Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Classic Skincare Facial at Spa Symphony

Time for spring cleaning and pamper myself with a facial treatment.

With the long weekend approaching, I want to keep my skin in tip-top condition so that I can have glowing complexion when I head out.

Therefore, I opt for a facial treatment where I can truly relax myself and de-stress from the never-ending work.

Located at 313@Somerset, unveil the quintessence of a complete sensory spa experience:
Spa Symphony.

Spa Symphony offers an environment that is soothe our senses. It offers a complete relaxation that is so nourishing and cleansing for physical, mental and emotional health.

They have an array of services designed to heal your mind, body and soul. Some of the main services include Therapeutic Body Massages, Organic Skin Care Solutions, Slimming/Beauty Treatments and Chiropractic Healthcare.

Spa Symphony has placed their focus on peripheral senses. From the moment I entered, the greenery surrounding seemed to make me feel peaceful. It helped to reduce muscle tension related to stress and gently calm. Well, when I was on my way here,  my mind was actually preoccupied with some stuffs. But when I was at Spa Symphony, I had totally forget about my worries and allow myself to relax.

Their therapy actually began the moment we entered the premises.

Ginger tea was served while I waited for my appointment.

After a short while, I was being led into my treatment room by my therapist.
Wow, the room seemed really cosy. It made me feel relaxed.

There was also a locker for us to safe-keep our belonging. 

Change into my green robe.

Time to proceed to the bed and began my Classic Skincare Facial.

The Classic Facial is a basic European facial for professional cleansing and balancing. It includes a base mask and pressure point face massage. Suitable for all skin types.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $130


My session began with shoulder and chest massage. It helped to release tension and set our mood right. It was really an enjoyable one.

My therapist performed a double cleansing - milk and gel cleanser.
This will ensure that our face are thoroughly clean. Especially when we had makeup on, one time cleansing is definitely not enough.

Scrubbing was next. Remove the dead skin cells on my face so that new skin cells will be able to grow. Spa Symphony uses organic skincare products that will enhance the healing of our skin and richer benefits.

Next was steaming which will facilitate the ease of extraction later on.

Extraction! The part where I dragged the most. Gonna bear with it in order to clear by blackhead and whiteheads.

It is perfectly normal for our skin to look slightly red after the extraction.
Don't worry, it will go off in awhile.

Time for cooling off after the extraction: Mask time!

While I had my mask on, my therapist used Tibetan Singing Bells and rang it 3 times. 

It had the benefits of clearing negative energy, restoring harmony and balance. I felt so comfortable lying down with my mask on. The relaxing ambiance put me to a good 10 minutes rest. 

After the mask.

And with the application of toner, eye-cream, moisturiser and sunblock, my facial session was completed.
It was a good one hour pampering session, I truly enjoyed the facial at Spa Symphony.

Pardon my messy hair after the session.

Immediately after the treatment, I could feel that my skin is more refreshing and blackheads/whiteheads are cleared. My skin is now giving a healthy glow.

Are you already interested in their services, you can find out more information at:

Spa Symphony
#B2-50/51, Singapore 238895 
Tel: 6636 8878 

Opening Hours: 
Mondays to Fridays: 11am to 9:15pm 
Weekends and Public Holidays: 10:30am to 8:30pm


  1. Hi,i just want to ask ,I interested the facial collagen treatment,is possible to do appointment first before I go to your store ?

    1. Hi Coala, the store is not own by me. You can check out their hotline 6636 8878 to book appointment (:



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