Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dell's redesigned Exclusive Store at Funan Mall

Dell Singapore relaunched its Exclusive Store at Funan Mall, following two weeks of intensive renovation.

The store’s new interior design will deliver a new, refreshed concept store that sports simpler, contemporary yet bolder interior designs. The store is the first in the world to match Dell’s global retail brand identity guidelines, developed in 2012 as a standard for all flagship stores around the world.

Thanks Dell for the invitation to the re-opening of Dell exclusive store. We are first few people who had the opportunity to catch the first look of the store.

Time for ribbon cutting ceremony. Let's invite out the ribbon cutter.

With the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Dell exclusive store is officially opened.

And we had lion dance troupe to grace the grand opening.

It symbolised a new beginning and may it brings fortune to the store.

I always loved to watch lion dance performance, it never fails to create the joyful atmosphere and everyone enjoy it.

Do you enjoy watching lion dance performance too?

Yeah, we welcomed good luck and fortune ahead.

Upon entering the store, we were "wow" by the changes being made to the store.
The refreshing and colourful concept brings out the liveliness of the store and will definitely attract the crowds, especially the youths.

Do you see a significant changes if you compare it with the "old" Dell's store?
It seems like those normal typical computer electronic store right?

Aimed at creating a more consistent global brand and shopping experience for its customers, the new look takes on a distinctive customer-centric approach, complete with experience suites that allow customers to experience technology as they would in real life. 

The Funan store is the first Dell Exclusive Store in the world to adopt the company’s new global retail brand guidelines.

I want to bring this home to play car racing games.
There is no need to visit arcade to play the games.
Cool right?

The gaming device - Alienware.

Dell’s new store design brings a great shopping experience to the consumers, whether you have a specific product in mind, or just casually browsing. Don't you agree?

The lovely cupcakes with the alphabets D-E-L-L.

Once again, thanks Dell for the invitation. For more information, visit

You can also make your visit to Dell too:
The Dell Exclusive Store at Funan is open from 11am to 9pm daily.

Dell Exclusive Store
Funan DigitaLife Mall #03-26

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